Aluminium facades

Aluminium facades

Modern building facades

If you are looking for a solution to create a beautiful, functional and energy-efficient home, choose Aluprof’s aluminium facades. Our products are characterised by a modern design that not only blends in perfectly with a variety of architectural styles, but also creates a harmonious space that meets the contemporary needs of its residents. Take a look at the full range of products on offer.

Glass and aluminium facades – an innovative approach to architecture

What distinguishes Aluprof aluminium facades? They are designed to meet the highest quality standards. They are made from durable materials that resist weather, corrosion, scratches and dirt. Thanks to the use of clear glass, the energy-efficient facades provide almost 100% natural light, creating a pleasant atmosphere in every room. They are also easy to install, maintain and clean. It is a great choice for homeowners who appreciate an innovative approach to architecture.

It is worth mentioning that the chosen Aluprof facades are perfectly in line with the passive house trend. The use of special insulators in combination with double- or triple-chamber glazing allows the creation of an energy-efficient facade with excellent thermal insulation parameters, protecting against uncontrolled warmth loss. This guarantees efficient management of the temperature inside the building, contributing to energy savings and a reduction in heating bills. By choosing Aluprof’s solutions, you can benefit from modern and sustainable building technology.

Facade systems – a wide range of solutions for homes

As the market leader in facade systems, Aluprof offers a wide range of solutions for single-family homes, allowing you to personalise your aluminium facade according to your preferences and the architectural style of your building. Whether you dream of a modern, minimalist form with lots of glazing, or want to create a panoramic winter garden and increase the usable space of the building, you are sure to find a solution that reflects your design vision among our prominent products. Among the high-tech mullion and transom structures, the following aluminium and glass facades are available.

  • MB-SR50N: is a system that allows the creation of advanced and impressive structures with increased weight-bearing capacity and visible narrow dividing lines. This is the perfect solution for those looking for modern aluminium facades that allow for tilt or roof windows. The system can also be used to create anti-burglary and even fire-resistant structures. If you are looking for a structure with increased thermal insulation, Aluprof suggests MB-SR50N HI. The facade has been designed with sustainability in mind and has Cradle to Cradle bronze level certification.
  • MB-SR50N EFEKT: is a very aesthetic facade system that allows the creation of spatial structures with irregular shapes, including curtain walls, roofs and skylights. It is characterised by its smooth surface (the components of the structure are practically invisible from the outside). This is ideal for buildings with a modern architectural style. The MB-SR50N EFEKT system can be used together with other Aluprof solutions, for instance, aluminium window joinery (MB-SR50 IW, MB-SR50N OW HI+ or exterior and balcony doors).
  • MB-TT50: is a solution that is ideal for passive single-family homes. It uses advanced construction methods for both profiles and hardware, delivering exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as speeding up the assembly process. This product offers some of the most advanced technical performance available in the aluminium facade system market, making it the best choice for anyone looking for energy-saving, aesthetic and long-lasting construction solutions.
  • MB-MT50N – is a mullion-transom wall with increased thermal insulation. We offer a standard version as well as an SI version, and both are characterised by low thermal transmittance. Excellent water and wind resistance also characterises the system. It is ideal for those projects where a reliable facade system is required. The facade is in line with sustainability requirements and was designed in accordance with Cradle to Cradle guidelines. Therefore, it fits in with the idea of a circular economy. It’s a great choice for your home and the environment!

Aluprof aluminium facades are solutions that have been crafted in the spirit of sustainable development. Our systems are designed with the environment in mind, and the best proof of this is the independent Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification we have achieved. The high insulation parameters and energy efficiency of our solutions have been recognised by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt, Germany, which awarded the MB-TT50 and MB-SR50N HI+ mullion/transom facades the highest efficiency class A+ for passive house products. When you choose Aluprof, you choose green construction.

Choose modern aluminium facades!

As experienced suppliers of glass and aluminium facades for private customers, we provide products of the highest quality. Our aluminium and glass elevations are designed specifically for modern single-family houses. Not only do they provide excellent thermal insulation, but they can also be personalised to suit individual preferences. With Aluprof, you can fulfil your dream of an energy-efficient home that reflects the owner’s unique style and architectural preferences. Therefore, don’t wait! Choose our proprietary solutions now. Please do not hesitate to contact our distributors if you have any questions or concerns. A list of the distributors is available under the “Where to buy?” tab.

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