Handles and fittings

Handles and fittings

We bring you a collection of functional and aesthetically pleasing handles and fittings – the essential elements of any window or door. The solutions we provide are not only practical items, but also a subtle decorative touch that gives interiors a unique character. Choosing Aluprof fittings is an investment in the well-being and safety of your household members. High quality and workmanship with great attention to detail are the characteristics that make our products stand out in the market. Discover the full range of practical solutions for your home!

Window and door fittings – where high quality meets functionality

Our range of door and window fittings is for those for whom unique design is also important in addition to functionality. They are available in a variety of designs and colours. They are the perfect complement to the style of the interior. Choosing Aluprof fittings not only gives you an aesthetically pleasing feature, but also guarantees durability and reliability. The assortment includes handles, hinges, locks and lever closers made from high-quality materials: aluminium, stainless steel or brass.

  • Handles – are not only window and door components, but also important details that determine the ease of their use. Our handles are certified and attested to confirm their high quality and safety.
  • Hinges – guarantee smooth movement and durability of your windows and doors. Precise workmanship and high-quality materials make them a reliable component of joinery, including anti-burglary joinery. They maintain their mechanical properties even with intensive use.
  • Locks – provide the highest standard of security for your house. Advanced multi-point locking systems provide a barrier that is difficult for potential burglars to penetrate.
  • Lever closers – thanks to the use of these fittings, the opening and closing of windows or doors takes place almost silently. They also ensure that the leaves stop exactly in the position the user chooses.

An overview of the window and door handles that are available in the Aluprof range

With the user’s needs at heart, we have prepared a wide range of handles. They are an integral part of modern joinery – they make it possible to quickly open, close and tilt a window or door. The following product ranges are available.

  • ALUPROF CLASSIC – the most economical, distinguished by its simple and minimalist design. Bolt and fork handles from the CLASSIC range are available in white, black, silver, and gold, with or without a key.
  • ALUPROF STYLE – the handles in this series are characterised by an innovative design that underlines the modernity of the rooms. They are ideal for traditional and lift-and-slide interior doors.
  • ALUPROF FAPIM – a solution for customers who prioritise reliability and safety. This range of handles is designed for exterior doors exposed to a variety of weather conditions.
  • ALUPROF SOBINCO – is a series of handles with a reinforced construction designed for anti-burglary windows and doors. Available in a wide range of finishes: anthracite, anodised INOX, black and white.

Handles with a lock

In addition to traditional solutions, we also offer window handles with a lock. It is an excellent choice for those who want to improve the security of their home. It is also a solution for parents – the built-in mechanism gives you extra security to prevent children from opening the window. The handles with a key are easy to operate, while the comfortable grip and precise mechanism allow for smooth and comfortable use. They are precisely manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure reliability over many years of daily use. Window handles with a key are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit individual preferences and the style of the window and door joinery.

Why is it worth choosing Aluprof fittings?

At Aluprof, we always focus on the highest quality and innovative solutions. The greatest benefits of our fittings are:

  • reliability and durability thanks to high-quality materials and precision workmanship,
  • modern design and pattern variety – we offer cohesive solutions in tune with contemporary trends, including concealed fittings that give windows a modern look without visible hinges,
  • convenient use and functionality – ergonomic shapes make opening or tilting of windows and doors smooth and easy,
  • security and reliability in everyday use – anti-burglary fittings in anti-burglary solutions and keys or locks guarantee additional protection.

Opt for proven solutions – choose Aluprof!

Don’t hesitate to discover our wide range of handles and fittings, which will underline the character of your interior. Opt for proven solutions – choose Aluprof and enjoy the combination of well-being, safety and aesthetics at the highest level. Please contact our sales representatives if you need assistance or have questions about specific solutions. Experienced professionals are available to help you choose!

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