Sliding doors

Sliding doors

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If ease of use, functionality and aesthetics are important to you, we have the perfect solution for you: with Aluprof aluminium sliding doors, you can easily access your terrace or balcony and create impressive glazing to brighten up and visually enlarge your interior. The collection of sliding doors based on Aluprof profiles includes: folding doors, terrace doors or panoramic doors, designed to meet functional needs and supplement the architectural style of the building.

Sliding doors – a tailor-made solution for today’s needs

The sliding glass-panelled doors available from Aluprof offer many design possibilities and allow the space to be used to its full potential. Thanks to innovative technologies and precise workmanship, they meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. The variety of profiles makes it possible to customise the doors to the character of the interior, which is important in both new buildings and the renovation of existing properties. Glazed sliding systems, whether for terraces or balconies, can also be successfully used in passive houses.

Aluminium sliding doors offered by Aluprof

Sliding systems from Aluprof combine aesthetics, functionality and high quality. We have a range of solutions to suit specific needs: from modern folding door models to energy-efficient panorama doors. We encourage you to take a look at the features of available products.

Sliding folding doors

This type of aluminium sliding door is constructed of narrow slats that fold up like an accordion when opened. They are an excellent choice for both large and small spaces. Sliding folding doors offer a great deal of freedom in the design of rooms and allow them to be adapted to suit individual requirements. They can be used, for example, to create partitions in larger rooms, as well as more advanced systems such as folding partitions in offices, restaurants or hotels. The MB-86 FOLD LINE HD glass folding door is perfect for both. They can be fitted with 10 mm or 12 mm toughened glass for effective weather protection. They allow the structure to be assembled from up to eight separate leaves. It can be up to 3 metres high.

Sliding terrace doors

Sliding terrace doors are designed to open and close along the runner. They are often used as a construction connecting the winter garden to the garden. They usually consist of two or more panes of glass. They provide easy access to the outside. They also provide natural light and an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Aluprof sliding terrace doors are available in several variations with different features and benefits. This allows them to match the aesthetics of any home. Examples of systems using this solution are MB-SLIDE and MB-SLIDE ST – constructions with increased thermal insulation that can be mounted on walls and aluminium facades.

If you want to create an impressive glass construction for your terrace or pergola, we recommend the MB-OPENSLIDE system. It provides effective protection from the weather and gives full protection so you can enjoy your terrace even when it rains. The system consists of sliding leaves that can be moved to one or both sides.

Sliding balcony doors

Sliding balcony doors make it possible to connect outside and inside spaces. They have thin profiles and are almost invisible. High-quality aluminium profiles ensure a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Depending on the variant chosen, they can be single-, double- or even triple-chamber, up to 60 mm thick. The advantage is compatibility with other Aluprof systems, so common components can be used in them. Example products are:

  • MB-59 SLIDE – a system with a triple-chamber construction that can use glass up to 42 mm thick;
  • MB-59 SLIDE GALANDAGE – is a solution that does not reduce the amount of available space; it gives the possibility to completely hide the door in the wall;
  • MB-77HS – is a balcony door with a tilt-and-slide construction, allowing the creation of a corner glass structure. They guarantee very good thermal and acoustic parameters.

Sliding panoramic doors

Panoramic aluminium doors are distinguished by minimal profile visibility and glass transparency. They are designed to look modern and sophisticated, and they fit in with the current trend of luxury buildings. Panoramic sliding doors make it possible to create a structure with high acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as high resistance and tightness. They are mounted on two or three runners, which ensure smooth movement and stability. They are also an excellent choice for passive and energy-efficient homes. One of Aluprof’s most prominent products is the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R panoramic sliding door system with a concealed frame and silent opening mechanism. This is an extremely lightweight door based on narrow profiles. As a result, the doors have a modern aesthetic in the minimalist style and offer a unique panoramic view of the home’s surroundings.

Aluprof sliding doors – reliable systems for your building

Aluprof’s modern aluminium sliding doors are an investment in ease of use, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Thanks to high-quality materials and innovative solutions, these systems provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, resulting in energy savings and quieter interiors. We encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer now and to get in touch with our consultants if you have any questions or concerns. They will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your home!

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