How do you match the colour of the aluminium joinery to the interior?

Choosing the right colour scheme for interiors is crucial, as it affects their aesthetics and atmosphere that will prevail in them. It is also important to make it consistent with the selected design style. It is therefore worthwhile to devote as much time as possible to this matter, focusing on even the tiniest details. Keep in mind that one of them is joinery, which also matters as far as the room design is concerned. In this article, you will find tips on what to consider when choosing its colour. Take a cue from our Aluprof experts and get inspired to create modern, aesthetic interiors.

What are the advantages of aluminium joinery?

You might just be at the stage of selecting the material for window and door frames and have doubts as to which of the solutions available on the market will work best. This is why we are going to begin with listing the key advantages of aluminium joinery, which may encourage you to choose it. There is a number of them, which makes it extremely popular, finding use in buildings with various purposes.

The main advantages of this solution include:

  • exceptional lightness compared to wooden equivalents, which translates into easy installation of windows and doors and much more convenient operation,
  • above average mechanical damage resistance,
  • unfavourable atmospheric conditions and UV radiation resistance without the need to perform periodic maintenance – aluminium frames are long-lasting,
  • ease of fitting joinery to doorways or windows of non-standard dimensions,
  • multiplicity of available colours – aluminium can be painted any colour.

Choosing the aluminium joinery colour – where should you start?

It is absolutely essential to take care of the consistency of the colour scheme and the style in which the selected room is to be decorated. This is where you should start when choosing the optimal aluminium joinery colour.

If you are looking for inspiration, modern interiors are usually dominated by neutral colours that perfectly combine with others, so:

  • white,
  • anthracite,
  • black,
  • different shades of grey.

In classically decorated rooms, in turn, you should use much warmer colours. In this case, aluminium joinery in earth colours is a popular solution. They are elegant shades that also make interiors cosier.

What else should you remember when choosing the aluminium joinery colour?

It is always a major challenge to appropriately combine colours in such a way that they form a coherent unity. This is why, when choosing the aluminium joinery colour, you should also take into account:

  • the colour scheme of other elements of the interior,
  • the amount of daylight entering the room,
  • your own preferences.

Consistency of aluminium joinery with interior fittings

The colour of the window and door frames should primarily align with the colour scheme of the floors, walls and furniture. In this case, combining contrasting colours is a good idea. If, for example, a room is decorated in bright tones, darker aluminium joinery will become a really interesting accent in it. This way, you will give your interior an unusual depth and even optically enlarge it to some extent!

Why is it worth considering the availability of daylight in the interior when choosing the joinery colour?

Unfavorable exposure of windows, as well as their insufficient number or size, should also be taken into account in the context of choosing the optimal colour scheme for a given interior. If a relatively small amount of daylight enters the interior, do not include aluminium joinery in dark colours. Bright window colours will lighten the space and make it much cozier.

Obviously, in the reverse situation, when the room is well-lit, darker colours will be a great choice. They will add elegance to the interiors and emphasize their unique character.

Adapt the colour of the aluminium joinery to the specifics of the project

When arranging interiors, follow both the general guidelines for the given architectural style and your own taste. Aluminium joinery plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of every project. When choosing its colour, we recommend a well-considered choice so that the final effect harmonizes with personal preferences, as well as the character of the building – be it a single-family house or a commercial building.

Aluprof aluminium joinery

When planning a building project that will include window or door frames, focus both on their colour and workmanship. It is equally important for the selected systems, including doors and windows, to guarantee the highest possible leakage performance. So go for the tried and tested – see the Aluprof offer! Among our solutions, you can find modern aluminium joinery, produced with innovative technological solutions.

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