Pivot – modern front door of the house

Dynamic technological development makes the interior designing process continuously evolve. Architects regularly gain access to numerous new, often innovative solutions, which they readily use. Some of them are both aesthetic and practical, a perfect example of which is the moder...

Non-standard windows – possibilities of aluminium systems

Window joinery is a key element of modern house designs, giving them a unique character. This applies in particular to non-standard windows, solutions with an original design or large dimensions that allow unique arrangements to be created. In this article, we take a look at the ...

Aluminium corner windows – types of construction

Window joinery not only provides adequate light, it is also a design element of the interior and contributes to the aesthetics of the building. Aluminium corner windows are becoming increasingly popular as a modern solution that fits in with contemporary architecture. Where do th...

Large-scale aluminium glazing – façade or display windows?

When deciding on glazed façade elements or spatial structures, we are faced with a choice between two solutions: a façade system or display windows. Both options have their advantages, however, it is aluminium windows in the form of façades that offer an excellent alternative to ...

What do you need to know about large-format aluminium windows?

Contemporary architecture is increasingly following the path of modernity and ecology. In this context, large aluminium windows often become the centrepiece of a project, providing not only an aesthetically pleasing appearance and environmental consideration, but also high functi...

Aluminium windows in a detached house

Windows in a detached house are a key element both functionally and aesthetically. Choosing the right window joinery not only affects the comfort of the occupants, but also the appearance of the entire building. Aluminium windows are increasingly appearing in single-family buildi...

The use of aluminium systems in fire protection of buildings

The fire protection of buildings is a priority for both real estate owners and occupants. As technology advances, more sophisticated solutions are developed for the purpose of protecting life and property in the event of fire. One innovation in the construction industry is alumin...

Aluminium façades – technical marvel or contemporary standard?

Aluminium façades are one of the most distinctive elements in modern construction. They are used in many different buildings, such as office buildings, shopping centres, railway stations, university buildings and public offices. In this article, we explain why aluminium façades a...