Sound insulation for aluminium windows. Noise resistance of aluminium windows

Ensuring acoustic comfort in the home is becoming one of the key factors influencing the decision to choose window joinery. It is important that the windows protect against noise, especially if the house is located on a busy street. To what extent do aluminium windows reduce the incoming environmental noise? What is window sound insulation? Here is the answer!

Why is sound insulation crucial?

Window joinery is not only a decorative element, but also a barrier that separates us from our surroundings. In areas with heavy traffic or close to playgrounds, noise can significantly affect our daily comfort. It is therefore worth investing in windows that effectively dampen outside sounds.

Noise levels, measured in decibels (dB), can affect our health. The PN-B-02151-3:2015-10 building standard defines the maximum permissible noise levels in residential buildings. They should not exceed 40 dB during the day and 30 dB at night.

Sound insulation of windows – key information

The sound insulation parameter of windows is indicated by the abbreviation Rw, which tells us the degree of protection a window provides against outside noise. A high Rw value means effective insulation. Additional designations, such as C, Ctr, RA1 and RA2, specify what type of noise the window can dampen.

Many factors influence the sound insulation of windows. When choosing aluminium windows, pay attention to the type of glass they are made of. Laminated glass is considered to be the most effective in terms of sound attenuation, offering sound insulation as low as 51 Rw. The frame material and the tightness of the sash against the frame are also important.

Even the best windows do not provide full insulation if they are not properly installed. It is important that the sash is properly pressed against the frame and that it overlaps evenly. By also using special seals, films, tapes or insulating foams, we can increase the soundproofing level of the windows by up to 59 dB.

An excellent way to enhance the sound insulation of aluminium windows is with external roller shutters. As well as dampening outside sounds, they can also provide additional security against break-ins and improve the thermal insulation of rooms.

Which soundproof windows should you choose?

The sound insulation of aluminium windows is an important parameter if you want to ensure comfort in your own four walls. When choosing windows, it is worth bearing in mind what factors affect their insulation performance and go for the model with the best ratings. Additional noise protection in the form of external roller shutters can also be used to further reduce incoming sound.

A number of window models with very good soundproof ratings are available from Aluprof. They can be used in houses in close proximity to a tramway, railway tracks or airport. This gives you the opportunity to soundproof the interior of your house or flat in an effective way. It is advisable to carefully review the manufacturer’s range before making a purchase to ensure that the chosen aluminium windows will meet individual requirements and provide comfort regardless of the noise level outside.

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