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How do you measure window openings in the building accurately?

One of the key stages of building or comprehensively renovating a building, e.g. with a view to thermal modernisation, is installing the window joinery. Doing this in line with the required standards has a direct impact on both limiting the energy demand of the building and the comfort of its occupants. To avoid problems in the implementation of this process, which may generate high costs, it is useful to know how to measure the window openings accurately. In the article, we explain why it is significant and present practical tips connected with the implementation – enjoy reading!

How do you match the colour of the aluminium joinery to the interior?

Choosing the right colour scheme for interiors is crucial, as it affects their aesthetics and atmosphere that will prevail in them. It is also important to make it consistent with the selected design style. It is therefore worthwhile to devote as much time as possible to this matter, focusing on even the tiniest details. Keep in mind that one of them is joinery, which also matters as far as the room design is concerned. In this article, you will find tips on what to consider when choosing its colour. Take a cue from our Aluprof experts and get inspired to create modern, aesthetic interiors.

Pivot – modern front door of the house

Dynamic technological development makes the interior designing process continuously evolve. Architects regularly gain access to numerous new, often innovative solutions, which they readily use. Some of them are both aesthetic and practical, a perfect example of which is the moder...

Non-standard windows – possibilities of aluminium systems

Window joinery is a key element of modern house designs, giving them a unique character. This applies in particular to non-standard windows, solutions with an original design or large dimensions that allow unique arrangements to be created. In this article, we take a look at the ...

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New products from Aluprof for the 2024 season

The work of Aluprof specialists on new products never stops. Last year saw the launch of more than a dozen new products, and the 2024 season promises to be just as busy. See what the new aluminium joinery from Bielsko-Biała has to offer.