How do you measure window openings in the building accurately?

One of the key stages of building or comprehensively renovating a building, e.g. with a view to thermal modernisation, is installing the window joinery. Doing this in line with the required standards has a direct impact on both limiting the energy demand of the building and the c...

Is choosing aluminium windows for your home a good idea?

The decision on the choice of windows is one of the most crucial when building or renovating a house. Due to the availability of many systems with different characteristics, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons. Are aluminium windows a good idea? In this article, we ...

Myths about large glazing

Large glazings definitely add a modern touch to any interior. They present a minimalist and modern appearance and allow natural light into the interior. However, there are a number of myths circulating around them, which can effectively discourage many people from selecting them....

Three reasons to choose aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are one of the most popular building trends of recent years. They are used not only for large-scale projects and public facilities, but also for residential construction. Why choose aluminium windows?

Which method of opening aluminium patio doors should I choose?

Patio doors are an essential part of any home, and choosing the right way to open them affects the comfort of use and the aesthetics of the surroundings. Sliding, tilt-and-slide, pull-out or lift-and-slide – which of these systems should you choose? Let’s look at the different so...

Aluminium, PVC or wood? Which windows should you choose?

The solutions that modern construction offers today in terms of joinery are truly vast. The different types of materials from which window frames can be made mean that in this category alone, we have a choice between three of the most popular solutions on the market. When choosin...

Can large aluminium windows be energy efficient?

Customer expectations of windows are evolving, and with them the popularity of large aluminium windows is growing. It is worth wondering whether such impressive dimensions can go hand in hand with energy efficiency.

Which aluminium window should I choose?

Aluminium windows are an investment that not only gives a modern character to the building being erected, but also brings numerous benefits, such as durability, the possibility of larger systems and easy maintenance. However, choosing the right window is a process that requires a...

Facts and myths about aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are a solution that is becoming increasingly popular in construction projects around the world. They prove to be a popular choice for both public and residential buildings. When deciding to buy them, it is worth knowing the facts and myths associated with this t...

What buildings are aluminium windows suited to?

Aluminium windows are an integral part of many modern buildings. They are used both in public buildings and, more and more, in residential projects. Their versatility and durability mean that they are increasingly becoming the first choice of architects in the design process.