Are aluminium windows warm? Dispelling the myth of cold aluminium windows

Large areas of glazing look much more interesting than small windows. They also provide more sunlight in the interiors. However, a common question asked in the context of large aluminium windows is whether they are warm, especially in the winter months. We answer this in the article below.

Aluminium in architectural trends – large and warm glazing

Aluminium fits in well with modern architectural trends – it allows large glazing to be created while maintaining energy efficiency. How is this possible? It’s all thanks to appropriate technologies that ensure excellent thermal insulation of the building.

Until a few years ago, glass façades were a compromise between size and retaining heat. The first insulated profiles were expensive and only available in a few systems. However, these types of solutions are now not only warm but also affordable. Extended profiles, thermally insulating spacers, warm glazing packages and modern seals mean that aluminium windows not only provide excellent heat retention in classic buildings, but many models are also certified for installation in passive buildings.

Warm glazing packages – the standard in the joinery market

The overall heat transfer coefficient of the window (Uw) should not exceed 0.9 W/(m2-K). Aluminium windows compete with other materials by using 4.8–7.2 cm thick glazing packages made up of three and, in some models, even four panes. In passive house windows, an internal low-emission reflective pane is standard and the spaces between the panes are filled with argon gas. This standard is now also being introduced to those windows that are sold to those wishing to invest in classic building technologies.

One of the most serious problems when it came to embedding glazing packages in window openings until recently was aluminium frames. However, recent technological developments have also meant that these eco-friendly solutions can compete with the popular PVC frames for the title of safe and warm building elements.

Warm profiles – a revolution in aluminium joinery

An innovative approach to aluminium profile design has revolutionised the industry, taking it in a new direction – aluminium window systems are better suited to the colder months. Enlarged and compartmentalised profiles with thermally insulating spacers have become the norm and standard for many manufacturers of this type of solution.

Profiles with a width of approximately 10 cm and three or four chambers with insulating material inside provide effective thermal insulation in all conditions, allowing the interior to maintain a pleasant temperature. There is no need to permanently insulate the interior and thus incur additional heating costs.

Industry developments – new research and technology in construction

Thanks to continuous improvements in production technology and new research into thermal insulation, aluminium windows achieve favourable heat transfer coefficients for the entire system, even reaching values of Uw = 0.53 W/(m2-K). This is the result of the industry’s hard work to meet customer expectations, offering not only aesthetic but also functional and energy-efficient solutions.

This provides several specific advantages. Aluminium windows are not only more airtight and provide better protection against external conditions, but also provide the possibility of installing large areas of glazing – solutions that provide better interior lighting and a much more modern appearance for the entire building. The use of aluminium profiles means that the window frames themselves are thinner than wooden or plastic frames, which in turn allows more light to enter.

It is safe to assume that cold aluminium windows are a thing of the past. Thanks to modern technology and the innovative approach of manufacturers such as Aluprof, you can enjoy large, aesthetically pleasing windows that also maintain thermal comfort in your interiors.

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