Aluminium windows

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Aluminium windows

Windows are one of the key elements in modern construction. They are the link between the interior of the building and the outside world and play a key role in the aesthetics of the façade. Apart from modern design, windows should also guarantee high insulation parameters and ease of use. When looking for modern solutions which are not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also environmentally friendly, it is worth reaching for aluminium systems. They guarantee all the above-mentioned features and offer great possibilities in terms of adapting the window variant to the individual requirements of the building and its users.

Aluminium windows matching the architectural style

The extensive range of aluminium windows creates great design possibilities. The basic criterion for choosing the right variant is the opening method. It is worth adjusting it to the character of the building and the functionality of the room in which the window is to be located.

Such an extensive product range makes it possible to select the right solution for even the most demanding window construction. Proper selection of the opening system is important not only for the ease of its use. The type and size of the area occupied by the windows should also be taken into account. Diversity in this area allows you to match the right product model to even the smallest room while maintaining aesthetic qualities and insulation parameters.

ALUPROF aluminium systems – functionality and aesthetics

An important issue in the selection of windows is also their aesthetics and matching the architectural style of a given project. Here, the construction of the window is of major importance, e.g. the possibility of using the so-called concealed sash or narrow profile. Some aluminium window systems (e.g. MB-45) also allow for the bending of profiles – frames, sashes or batten plates – which makes it possible to adapt the system to architectural arches.

Aluminium joinery

Variants with a concealed frame – e.g. MB-60 US, MB-60 US HI, MB-70 US or MB-70 US HI – are ideal for buildings with a style that requires a wall of windows with an invisible sash on the outside of the structure. Aluminium joinery, in which narrow window frames are used, allows to create the impression of slim and light architecture.

MB-FERROLINE and MB-SLIMLINE window systems, which look similar to old steel joinery, are designed for properties requiring particularly narrow window profiles. This retro design is particularly suitable for the renovation of historic buildings. In addition to their characteristic appearance, these systems provide good thermal insulation (Uw from 0.8 W/(m2K)) and water tightness (Class E1350 EN 12208).

Aluminium window systems also meet the requirements of the industrial style. The previously mentioned MB-FERROLINE or MB-60HI system not only provides the raw look and simplicity typical of this style, but – above all – high insulation parameters. For example, the Uf coefficient for the MB-60HI system is 1.48 W/(m2K).

Aluminium window joinery can also be used as external balustrades. The MB-GLASS BARRIER system is suitable for windows of the porte-fenêtre type (the so-called Juliet balcony). In addition to protecting against falling, the balustrade is also an additional barrier that limits external noise.

Energy-efficient and passive windows

The requirements of modern construction with regard to windows also include insulation parameters. In line with the principles of sustainable construction, thermal insulation is of particular importance. Aluminium windows are available in both energy-efficient and passive construction variants.

Energy-efficient windows (e.g. MB-86 N, MB-79N, or MB-79N US) are equipped with additional dividers, which guarantee high thermal insulation (e.g. Uw from 0.62 W(m2K)) and very good values of the frame heat transfer coefficient (Uf).

The MB-104 PASSIVE system with the highest thermal insulation, with insulation parameters confirmed by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, is designed for passive construction. In the case of this model, the thermal insulation for an opening window is Uw from 0.53 W/(m2K). In addition, the design of the system sections – depending on the requirements for energy efficiency – comes in the following variants: SI and AERO.

Interior aluminium structures

Aluminium solutions are also used inside the building. Such systems as MB-HARMONY OFFICE, MB-80 OFFICE, MB-45 OFFICE or MB-EXPO (which is distinguished by the highest thermal insulation in this product group) prove useful as glazed partition walls not only in office spaces, but also in public buildings. Depending on the selected variant, it is possible to create either a fixed or opening internal wall system. This type of structure also provides high acoustic insulation (Rw 48 dB/Ra1 46 dB).

Aluminium windows in fire protection systems

Aluminium window joinery also offers products with high fire protection performance. Glassprof toughened fire-resistant glass and fire insulation elements in fireproof windows (e.g. MB-86EI, [MB-60E EI](MB-60E EI), MB-78EI guarantee high resistance to this element. Their fire resistance meets the requirements of EI30, EI60 and EI15 classes. At the same time, the systems make it possible to create stylish, glazed structures with a wall height reaching up to 3.6m.

Typical fire protection solutions are also windows and smoke ventilation dampers, based on various systems (e.g. MB-59S or MB-86 US). They are equipped with silent opening systems and provide effective protection in the event of a fire.

Aluprof windows for sustainable construction

Aluminium windows guarantee not only a modern design but, above all, practicality and usability. In combination with high insulation parameters and environmentally friendly production, they fully meet the principles of sustainable construction. Choosing aluminium window systems guarantees durability and energy efficiency for years. Feel free to explore our range of window solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements!

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