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When designing buildings, it is necessary to consider both functional and aesthetic aspects. Windows and doors certainly play a key role in the architecture of any building, but details such as fittings should not be ignored. Aluprof offers a wide range of handles and other accessories that enable window and door joinery elements to be adapted to the requirements of modern construction and the individual preferences of developers. Please take a look at our full range of fittings.

Aluprof aluminium fittings – inspiring solutions for modern interiors

Aluprof offers a variety of fittings that stand out for both modern design and high durability. The products we offer match perfectly the Aluprof aluminium systems, which ensures design consistency and guarantees an excellent aesthetic effect. Our window and door fittings are tailored to individual needs, allowing you to find solutions that meet every expectation. You can choose from a variety of surface finishes, including coloured, anodised and chrome-plated, according to your individual preferences or design concepts.

Selected fittings for aluminium windows and doors meet fire safety standards and are equipped with anti-burglary protection. This ensures that both windows and doors are securely protected against possible dangers. What's more, by choosing Aluprof fittings, you are investing in an uncompromising combination of quality, style and security. Within the range of available solutions, there are the following fittings:

  • hidden – make the window hinges invisible and provide a modern look,

  • in RC classes – designed for anti-burglary systems, such as anti-break-in fittings,

  • turn-only – used in windows, the mechanisms allow the sash to be opened wide,

  • tilt & turn – allow not only wide opening but also tilting of the window,

  • sliding – fitted with guides, allowing for the sliding of the sash, are commonly used in balcony and terrace doors,

  • folding – these are special fittings designed for sliding and folding systems, enabling convenient sliding of the sashes,

  • pivot – used in windows and pivot doors, they guarantee efficient rotation and locking of the sash,

  • aluPilot – these are innovative fittings made up of a minimum number of components, enabling windows to be installed quickly.

    Handles and fittings for aluminium windows and doors – a great variety of models and designs

Our handles are available in many variants, offering diversity in both visual aesthetics and pricing. This allows them to be matched to the specific design concept and aesthetics of the building. Our main product lines include:

  • STANDARD – this is Aluprof's basic series of window handles, which stands out for its affordable price. It is a great option for those who expect durability and proven quality at a reasonable cost.

  • CLASSIC – the products in this series feature optimal and ergonomic shapes. They can be finished in any colour from the RAL palette. It is an excellent choice for projects prioritising the delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. We have both window and door handles in this collection.

  • STYLE – this product line includes anodised window and door handles as well as those made of high-quality stainless steel (INOX). Our customers are free to choose from a variety of finishes, which allows every designer to find the perfect solution that fulfils the highest standards in both quality and design.

  • LINE – this is a series of special handles designed for aluminium doors, featuring innovative solutions such as handles for blinds or those with small door handle plates. They are available in many versatile colours, such as white, brown and anthracite.

It is worth noting that Aluprof's product range is not limited solely to classic solutions. The range includes a wide selection of door handles: knobs, knob-handles and handles with a function for lifting the handle upwards. These innovative solutions are perfect for both exterior and interior doors equipped with mortise locks. They make opening much easier. We also offer specialised multi-point locks providing the highest level of security, as well as mounting and connecting accessories that guarantee precise installation and product durability for years to come.

In addition to the company's own products, Aluprof's offer also includes recessed external handles for HS lift & slide doors, as well as selected fittings from renowned brands designed for aluminium constructions.

Window and door handles – things you should know

Although our range includes fittings that are compatible with aluminium systems, there are several criteria to consider when making your choice.

  • Type and function of the window – the window handle should be adapted to the specific characteristics of the respective opening and closing mechanism (pivot, tilt, turn-only, etc.) so as not to restrict the functionality of the sash. 

  • Technical requirements and standards – handles and fittings should also be matched to the parameters of aluminium doors and windows, such as profile thickness, sash dimension and weight or gasket type. Additionally, they should meet standards related to thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as those for safety.

  • Style and design – handles must naturally harmonise with the rest of the aluminium systems, highlighting their stylistic characteristics. We recommend choosing handles from the same product line in order to ensure design consistency. 

Aluminium window and door fittings from a reputable supplier

We are trusted business partners. As experienced suppliers of fittings for aluminium systems, we provide products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also have excellent functionality. They make windows and doors easy to handle while providing a high level of security. Take a look at our wide product range and contact our specialists, who will assist you in selecting the best solutions.

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