Modern building elevations

Façade systems are an increasingly popular choice in modern construction. They not only give the building an aesthetic appearance, but also very good levels of thermal, acoustic and wind insulation. Aluminium façades are also durable, weatherproof and easy to maintain. What’s more, they can be created in non-standard shapes and forms, resulting in the most creative architectural designs. If you are looking for modern and functional solutions, we recommend looking at Aluprof’s portfolio – we are the leader in the production of aluminium façade systems.

Façade system matching the architectural style

We offer a wide range of façade systems to meet all expectations in terms of quality, aesthetics and safety. It is the perfect solution not only for apartment complexes and other public buildings, but also for the increasingly fancy designs of modern barn-style houses.

Aluprof aluminium and glass façades provide plenty of natural light and a striking appearance for the building. Depending on your needs, you can choose different types of glass, such as insulated glass, laminated glass, reflective glass or burglar-proof glass. Examples of aluminium and glass façade systems are: MB-SR50N HI+, MB-SR50N EFEKT, MB-SR50N OW and MB-SR50N SG.

Glass façades are systems that consist of a self-supporting glass structure fixed to the building with special point or line fasteners. A glass façade is distinguished from other solutions by giving the impression of lightness and providing the maximum amount of natural light. It is ideal for office, retail and residential buildings, increasing the attractiveness and value of the property. The flagship products in the series are the MB-SG50 and MB-SG50 SEMI.

Ventilated façade systems are worthy of consideration from among the available solutions. They consist of three layers: insulating, load-bearing and façade. They provide excellent noise and thermal insulation for the building, as well as protection against dampness and mould. Ventilated façades are also aesthetically pleasing as well as durable and offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of the choice of façade material, e.g. HPL, composite panels, ceramic or wood. Selected Aluprof systems include: EXTRABOND, EXTRABOND FR, and EXTRABOND A2.

Aluprof aluminium façades – where functionality meets aesthetics

Each Aluprof aluminium façade system has its own unique parameters and features that make it suitable for different applications and requirements.

The MB-TT50 façade is distinguished by the highest degree of thermal insulation and meets the requirements of passive and energy-efficient construction (it has a certificate issued by the PHI Institute in Darmstadt in the highest A+ class). This feature reduces the costs associated with heating or cooling.

The MB-SR50N façade forms the basis for fireproof roof constructions and is well suited to the use of awning-parallel opening windows, roof windows and skylights. It is features enhanced durability, including being waterproof as well as resistant to wind and impact loads.

Passive buildings can use the energy-efficient MB-SR50N HI+ high-insulation façade, which has passed the Cradle to Cradle bronze certification and is also certified by PHI Darmstadt in the highest A+ class.

The MB-MT50N façade is a structure designed based on Cradle to Cradle certification guidelines. It therefore corresponds to the requirements of sustainability and the idea of a circular economy. The mullion and transom system is distinguished by its excellent technical performance, very low thermal permeability and can be used in unusual and complex constructions, guaranteeing adequate ventilation and drainage.

A ventilated building façade such as MB-VC60 works well in buildings of unusual height and shape, including historic and modernist buildings. Component systems, such as MB-SE98, make it possible to create polygonal and rounded building façades and to use different types of opening windows.

What should you look for when choosing a building façade?

When choosing a façade system, there are several aspects to consider.

  • The cost of building and operating the façade – it is worth opting for a solution that fits the investor’s budget and ensures optimal energy and acoustic performance of the building.

  • Aesthetics and visual effect – the façade is an identifying feature of the building, so it should fit in with its architectural style and surroundings. Thanks to our wide range, our available solutions fit in perfectly with any design concept.

*Technical and functional parameters – the aluminium façade should meet the requirements for thermal, acoustic, wind and fire insulation, and provide adequate ventilation. Solutions from Aluprof are the answer to these challenges!

  • Possibility of assembly and disassembly – the façade should also be easy to install to allow for possible repairs or upgrades. Our products are designed with such flexibility in mind, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance of the components.

Aluprof façade system – the answer to the challenges of modern construction

Aluprof offers a wide range of solutions to meet any architectural challenge, allowing you to create a modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing façade. Aluminium, glass and other high-end materials are extremely important elements of our products. As a result, the façade systems maintain their perfect form for many years without losing their properties. It is the best choice for commercial, residential and public buildings. Take a look at our full range of advanced façade solutions now! Should you have any questions or concerns, our experts are here to help you find the best solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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