Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Terrace and balcony doors are important features of an interior fit-out. Their functionality and aesthetic values affect the design of the interior and terrace. Modern looks aside, the solutions used in the doors should ensure proper thermal insulation. Aluprof’s sliding and folding aluminium door and window systems are not just a combination of optimum technical parameters, but also provide refined aesthetics. A major value is the feasibility of customising the system solutions to meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects.

End-to-end sliding door and window system solutions

The innovative systems from Aluprof respond to the needs of modern architecture, while the sliding systems allow the installation of balcony and terrace doors and windows in buildings that vary in use. An important question which directly drives the aesthetic value of a construction project is how comprehensive the range of joinery systems is, which means whether the range stops with sliding doors or windows, or also includes frames, sections or guides that are compatible with multiple models in the systems. The availability of diverse solutions provided by a manufacturer like Aluprof helps to fully match the door and window systems to every project, no matter how demanding it is.

Terrace doors – versions

Given the diverse product range of aluminium terrace doors and windows, their type and features can be adapted to the building plans and the needs of the occupants. To choose the right products, first consider the dimensions in which a sliding door is to be installed. The size of the door opening and the wall directly affects not only the size of the door and window assembly but, firstly, the opening operation. Sliding systems available in different versions work great both in small private spaces and large terraces in commercial establishments.

Sliding and lift-and-slide doors

The sliding doors include the MB-59 Slide and MB-Skyline, which are characterised by their opening operation and great thermal insulating performance (Uf>1.9 W/(m2K) and Uw from 0.85 W/(m2K)), wind load resistance, and the feasibility of installing large, striking glazing assemblies up to 4 metres high.

Depending on the needs of building occupants and the specifications of the construction project, aluminium sliding systems are available with standard and concealed frames. The MB-Skyline and MB-Skyline Type R systems are available with concealed frames. They feature a convenient, shallow opening frame that measures only 23 mm. The mullion between the door panels is also very narrow (25 mm). The concealed frame of sliding doors goes in perfect harmony with the premises of modern architecture and works in many different projects, both for private housing and commercial establishments.

The apparent lightness of the entire door structure does not prevent building impressively large glazing systems. Depending on what the occupants need, triple IGUs can be installed (in the MB-Skyline), while the maximum door panel width can be as much as 4 m. For panoramic doors in the MB-Skyline Type R system, the maximum door panel weight depends on the opening operation. It is limited to 500 kg for manually opened doors and can be increased to 1200 kg for power-assisted opening.

The MB-77HS, MB-77HSB and MB-59HS are lift-and-slide models. Thanks to sleek yet strong profiles, the systems allow for making low-threshold doors that weigh up to 300 kg (MB-77HSB and MB-59HS) or up to 600 kg (MB-77HS). These models feature high insulation performance (both thermal and acoustic), as well as good airtightness. Available in single, twin or triple-rail versions of the opening frames, the design of these doors can be customised as required. For the MB-77HS system, floating mullion corner doors with an opening angle of 90° or 270° can be made.

The sliding and lift-and-slide systems allow easy opening of the doors and windows – moving the glass pane requires little effort, and the opening mechanism works without noise.

A solution that meets high demands – Folding doors

A unique solution for terrace doors is the MB-86 FOLD LINE HD folding system solution that allows for making diverse window designs. These doors can open outward or inward, depending on what the occupants need. The liberal configuration that may include up to 8 door panels allows for adapting the system to the style and functions of the construction project. There is more: these doors can be 0.7 to 1.2 m wide and up to 3 m high. This way, they can open nearly all the way, providing a wide passage to the outside, like a patio, for example. When looking for an unusual terrace door solution, these systems should definitely be considered.

Energy performance of aluminium sliding systems

The lightweight structure is certainly an advantage of aluminium terrace doors. An undisputed strength is a high thermal insulation performance (Uf from more than 0.84 W/(m2K), watertightness (up to class 9A) and wind load resistance (up to class C4). Another important factor is the airtightness of balcony window systems, which varies with the model up to class 4, which means maximum airtightness. The high insulating performance of aluminium balcony door sliding systems improves the energy performance of the building, a testament to which is the popularity of the systems in passive building construction. When choosing a sliding door and window system, it makes sense to compare the performance parameters between the models in the range and see what type of seals are provided.

Terrace and sliding windows – Types and dimensions

The surface area is an important parameter for sliding terrace and balcony windows. Depending on the version, they can be 1.8 to 3.3 m wide and up to 4 m high, which allows building striking passageways between buildings and patios or conservatories. Aluminium sliding systems are available in a wide range of dimensions and maximum panel weight, suitable for installation in private housing and public buildings alike.

A large area of sliding windows does not reduce their durability or resistance. The sleek aluminium profiles ensure a great aesthetic effect with high durability, as the window panel can be up to 1200 kg. Despite the weight, the powered operating drive makes the opening movement smooth and effortless.

A major question with terrace windows is the glazing thickness. Depending on the system version, it varies from 13.5 to 61.5 mm. Different glazing thickness options can also be chosen with double and triple glazing units, which can improve thermal and sound insulation performance.

Sliding and folding systems straight from the manufacturer

The modern, high-quality sliding and folding systems are innovative solutions that can endow any construction project with a unique touch. Terrace and balcony sliding and folding doors and windows help to build a unique space while ensuring protection against poor weather. See the range of available systems that allow the creation of beautiful and functional interiors!

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