MB SKYLINE patio doors

Sliding doors MB-SKYLINE Sliding door with invisible frame

Air permeability

class 3 | EN 12207


up to class 9A (600Pa) | EN 12208

Wind load resistance

up to class C5 (2000Pa) | EN 12210

Thermal insulation

UW from 0,85 W | W/(m2K)

Our projects

Sliding doors with a concealed frame – perfect seal and insulation

Thanks to the latest technologies and precise production process, our sliding doors with a concealed frame guarantee the perfect seal and insulation as well as trouble-free operation for many years to come. By ensuring optimum air circulation, they create a pleasant microclimate in your home. The thermal insulation of UW from 0.85 W/(m2K), in turn, ensures effective protection against heat loss, which translates into energy savings and thermal comfort regardless of the time of year. Also, thanks to the water-tightness conforming to the requirements of class 9A (600 Pa) according to EN 12208, your space receives excellent protection against rain and moisture.

MB-SKYLINE – experience the future

Excellent insulating performance is not the only advantage of this system. MB SKYLINE patio doors also admit more daylight into your home, creating a harmonious and consistent passage between the interior space and your garden, terrace or patio. Wide and tall glazing will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings. By choosing sliding doors, you invest in a solution that will make your property more modern and elegant and emphasise its unique style. MB SKYLINE is also a combination of exceptional functionality with an elegant style. Choose unparalleled comfort and a modern look!

The MB-SKYLINE sliding door system with invisible frame uses narrow profiles. This gives the construction a modern and minimalist look. Constructions fabricated with MB-SKYLINE have a one-of-a kind design and raise the profile of any project.

They provide a comfortable, threshold-free connection of indoor and outdoor living spaces making natural environment part of users’ daily experience. While the doors can be very large, their slim construction gives the impression of lightness and delicacy. The product is uniformly glazed, has slim modulations and perfectly fits into high-end construction market.

Features and benefits:

  • profiles with depths of 71 mm (leaf), 190 mm (2-rail frame) and 292 mm (3-rail frame)
  • modern design and high aesthetics: the frame is concealed in the wall, in the floor and in the ceiling, the frame profile is fully aligned at the sides, the visible connection width of door leaves is 25 mm.
  • door leaves up to 700 kg and up to 4 m high
  • 3-chambered, thermally-insulated profiles
  • 52 to 60 mm-thick triple glazing units
  • door opens manually or automatically
  • drives and control units are concealed in frame profiles
  • can use an automatic unit mounted on the outside of the construction
  • there are no restrictions to the width of the construction - doors can be connected to each other, forming a continuous glazing surface

Technical parameters:

  • Air permeability class 3, EN 12207
  • Watertightness up to class 9A (600Pa), EN 12208
  • Wind load resistance up to class C5 (2000Pa), EN 12210
  • Thermal insulation UW from 0,85 W/(m2K)*

* for door leaf: 2.07 x 3.44 m, infilled with triple glazing units Ug 0.5 W/(m2K) and warm spacer