Burglar-resistant systems

Enhanced resistance to burglary and improved building safety
Burglar-resistant systems

At Aluprof, we are well aware of the importance of building security, which is why we offer innovative anti-burglary systems that are adapted to both modern constructions and historic buildings. Our solutions not only enhance security, but also blend harmoniously with different architectural styles. Take a look at our full range of aluminium anti-burglary systems developed to ensure security inside a building.

Aluprof anti-burglary systems – a guarantee of peace and security

The anti-burglary systems we offer are solutions designed to enhance privacy and protect buildings from unwanted intrusion by third parties. Among the available systems are windows, doors, and protective walls made of aluminium profiles and double-glazed glass, which are highly resistant to outside interference. Anti-burglary systems are not only resistant to mechanical damage, but are also aesthetically pleasing and functional. They match the architectural style of the building, providing appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation. Therefore, they meet the requirements of passive construction. 

Aluprof aluminium anti-burglary systems are the right choice for those seeking to ensure both peace of mind and security for themselves and their buildings without compromising on aesthetics. They are ideal for the creation of new structures in both new buildings and the renovation of heritage and public buildings. Depending on the design concept, both modern models and industrial variants are available. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Aluprof's anti-burglary solutions enable the creation of safe and aesthetically pleasing building spaces regardless of architectural vision.

How to choose the right Aluprof anti-burglary system?

When choosing the optimum solution from Aluprof, there are several factors to consider.

  • Burglary resistance class – Aluprof anti-burglary systems comply with EN 1627, which specifies six classes of burglary resistance, ranging from RC1 to RC6. The higher the parameter, the better the protection against attempts at forced entry using various tools.

  • Aluminium system type – Aluprof's anti-burglary solutions are based on our flagship systems, such as MB-104 Passive, MB-77HS, MB-SR50N and MB-TT50. Each has unique features and parameters, affecting thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and aesthetics of the construction. The choice of the appropriate solution depends on the type and size of the construction, as well as the climatic and acoustic conditions of the surroundings.

  • Glazing type – Aluprof's anti-burglary systems use specially reinforced glazing to increase resistance to impact, cutting, prying and bumping. They are available in different thicknesses, resistance classes and versions such as composite, laminated, tempered or reflective. The choice of glazing should be tailored to the burglary resistance class, as well as to aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Type of fitting – our anti-burglary doors and windows use special fittings to ensure that the construction is properly locked and sealed to prevent it from being broken into. Anti-burglary fittings are available in a variety of options, including hinges, locks, bolts, handles, keys and readers. When selecting these components, it is worth considering the degree of security as well as individual usage needs.

Types of Aluprof anti-burglary systems

Aluprof anti-burglary structures provide comprehensive solutions to protect buildings against attempted break-ins. Aluprof offers the following systems:

Anti-burglary windows

Aluprof window joinery is based on the MB-60, MB-70, MB-86 or MB-104 Passive aluminium systems, which are characterised by exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. These constructions are equipped with anti-burglary glazing and fittings to guarantee an increased level of protection. Among the solutions, it is worth mentioning tilt & turn, tilt, turn or fixed windows. Each type of joinery has multi-layered anti-burglary glazing made using sheets of tempered glass and special films. Thanks to this, they meet the highest safety standards, as evidenced by compliance with the PN-EN 356 standards and classifications from RC1 to RC4. 

Anti-burglary windows are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit individual preferences and give a building its unique character. In addition to standard solutions, we also offer windows with a so-called hidden sash (MB-60US, MB-70US and MB-86US). They stand out for their uniform appearance on the outside, which makes them look very modern. Additionally, systems with enhanced thermal insulation are also available. This solution is ideal for those who prioritise energy efficiency. Anti-burglary constructions can be made in the MB-SLIMLINE system, which is distinguished by its elegant and slim aluminium sections. It is a comprehensive solution combining protective functions with modern design.

The Aluprof product range also includes MB-86 RC3 anti-burglary windows for use in detention facilities. Unlike traditional solutions, they do not require the use of bars. This makes it possible to ensure not only safety, but also the aesthetic value of the building. The reinforced construction with RC3 class anti-burglary glass prevents inmates from escaping.

Anti-burglary doors

There are also anti-burglary doors (single and double leaf entrance doors), which are also based on the popular MB-60, MB-70, MB-86 or MB-104 Passive systems. Similar to windows, they stand out for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Among the systems, there are solutions with anti-burglary glazing covered with a special film, as well as panel doors with fillings. An increased level of security (the doors are available in burglary resistance classes ranging from RC1 to RC3, and the glazing is of a class no lower than P6B) is guaranteed by robust and functional fitting: locks with multi-point locking, anti-break-in pins and reinforced locking mechanisms. The range also includes MB-77HS anti-burglary lift-and-slide terrace doors equipped with key-operated handles, which also meet strict standards for increased burglary resistance.

With Aluprof anti-burglary doors, security, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, providing a comprehensive solution for passive residential buildings, shops, shopping malls and public facilities. 

Anti-burglary protective walls

Anti-burglary protective walls (facades) are innovative constructions based on advanced aluminium systems with a high degree of thermal insulation, such as MB-SR50N, MB-TT50 or MB-104 Passive SI (the latter meets the requirements for components used in passive construction). They are fitted with special anti-burglary glazing and anti-break-in elements, providing comprehensive protection against break-in attempts. These types of mullion and transom facades can be integrated with Aluprof anti-burglary doors and windows to create a panoramic structure that meets high security and functionality requirements.

A wide range of shapes, colours and finishes enables protective walls to be tailored to individual aesthetic preferences and design needs. Aluprof also offers anti-burglary roller shutters in the RC3 resistance class to protect the building against attempted break-ins. They are great for use in shops, shopping malls, and residential buildings.

Why choose Aluprof windows and doors? 

Our products stand out primarily for their functionality, modern design and high-quality workmanship. We continuously invest in research and development, providing innovative solutions in line with the latest industry standards. We offer a modern design that blends perfectly with different architectural styles, adding aesthetic value to any project. Aluminium profiles and anti-burglary glazing are certified to meet security standards. They can be used as elements in energy-efficient and passive buildings. 

Aluprof aluminium systems – safe solutions for years to come

Explore our selection of aluminium systems that will meet any architectural challenge and provide security for years to come. By choosing products from Aluprof, you are investing in proven and reliable solutions. If you have any doubts as to which anti-burglary system will work best for your particular project, please feel free to contact our specialists, who will answer all your questions.

Max. dimensions and weight of the construction

Construction Burglary resistance class Max dimensions Ls × Hs [mm] Maximum leaf/sash weight [kg]
Tilt and turn window RC1, RC2, RC3 1250 × 2400 / 1600 × 1900* 90
Side-hung window RC1, RC2, RC3 1100 × 2400 / 1600 × 1800* 130
Hopper window RC1, RC2, RC3 1100 × 2400 / 1600 × 1800* 130
Tilt and turn window RC1, RC2, RC3 1600 × 2400* / 2200 × 1300 130
Tilt and turn window RC4 700 x 1750**
Fixed window RC4 1100 × 1750**
Door RC2 1600 × 3000
Door RC3 1540 × 2700/3000
Lift & slide door RC2 2700 × 2800 400
Burglar-resistant roller shutter RC3 2800 × 4480

Max. construction surface area

Burglary resistance class Construction Max surface area
RC2 Side-hung window, tilt and turn window, hopper window Depending on the hardware used
RC2 Fixed window no limit (min. dimensions: 150 × 250)
RC3 Side-hung window, tilt and turn window, hopper window 3,36m²
RC3 Fixed window no limit (min. dimensions: 150 × 250)
RC3 Roller shutter 9,6 m²


  • maximum protection up to class RC4
  • flexible design possibilities
  • full range of products: windows, doors, curtain walls, roller shutters
  • different versions of window appearance (standard or “invisible sash”)
  • durability of aluminium and rich colours
  • thermal insulation that meets the requirements of energy-efficient and passive buildings
  • constructions for houses, offices, shops, public buildings and special-purpose facilities

Research, reports, certificates

Aluprof SA cooperates with many research institutes and laboratories, including organizations that are specialized in determining resistance to burglary: ITB, IMP and ROMB SA (Poland), PIV (Germany) SKG-IKOB (Netherlands). The test reports on representative Aluprof systems-based constructions confirm the compliance with the requirements of the relevant European standards in the following fields:

  • resistance to static load to EN 1628
  • resistance to static load to EN 1629
  • resistance to manual burglary attempts to EN 1630

Aluprof’s classifications and certificates allow for the increased use of our burglar-resistant solutions on European markets.