Fire-rated systems

Fire-rated systems

Contemporary architecture poses numerous challenges to contractors, designers and developers. Modern buildings must not only meet high aesthetic standards, but also ensure the safety of all residents and users. Aluprof's fire protection systems, such as smoke-tight and smoke extraction, provide the solution. By using them, it is possible to create modern structures that guarantee effective protection in the event of a fire hazard.

Fire protection systems: smoke extraction and smoke-tight

When designing a building, it is important to consider any possible security solutions. Fire protection systems are one of them. At Aluprof, we make sure that functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics, which is why we offer reliable smoke extraction windows and smoke-tight doors that will perform effectively in various buildings. Robust and fire-resistant structures serve as a guarantee for the protection of life and property in the event of a fire. Their effectiveness has been tested in certified institutions and laboratories in Poland and other European countries.

Fire safety products include

  • internal and external partitions,
  • automatic sliding doors,
  • fire protection windows and doors,
  • smoke-tight doors,
  • smoke extraction windows and flaps,
  • fire partitions,
  • fire-resistant facades,
  • fire-resistant glazed roofs.

Aluprof – available fire protection solutions

Aluprof offers reliable systems that combine protective features with modern design and ease of use.

Fire protection windows and doors are solutions with fire resistance ranging from EI15 to EI120 for vertical structures and REI30/RE45 for roof glazing. Among the available safety systems is a system of fire protection for windows, doors and walls. MB-86EI and MB-78EI DPA automatic sliding doors.

MB-78-EI fire partitions make it possible to create light and elegant constructions with large glazed areas. They are characterised by a high fire resistance class (ranging from EI15 to EI90), as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. Additionally, they allow seamless integration with other Aluprof solutions. The fire partition can be either external or internal, and it is also available in a seamless version, without visible aluminium profiles.

MB-SR50N EI mullion and transom facade systems enable the creation of suspended or filling-type glazed protective walls. They are characterised by high aesthetics and excellent transparency. MB-78EI fire protection doors can be used in these facades. This solution is also suitable for fire-resistant glazed roofs with a slope angle ranging from 0° to 80°.

Glassprof fire-resistant glass is also available in our product range. It is a state-of-the-art fire protection solution characterised by high quality and reliability. Due to a special gel layer that crystallises under high temperatures, these products ensure the highest level of fire insulation available on the market. Glassprof tempered glass glazing is compatible with Aluprof aluminium systems, allowing the creation of comprehensive and secure fire architecture solutions.

Smoke extraction windows – peace of mind and safety

The fire protection systems we offer also include smoke extraction windows and flaps. These are the elements that act as gravity ventilation and, in the event of a fire, help to quickly remove smoke and toxic fumes. These solutions are equipped with reliable and quiet mechanisms. They are based on the basic window and door systems of the MB series, as well as dormer or casement windows that are used in facade constructions.

Depending on the requirements of the project design, when selecting smoke extraction windows in fire protection systems, it is worth paying attention to the features of each solution.

  • Fire resistance class – smoke extraction windows, similarly to smoke-tight doors, are rated for fire resistance. It is important to choose a system tailored to the safety requirements of a particular facility, complying with EN 12101-2.

  • Method of opening – smoke extraction windows can be based on the MB-59S, MB-59S Casement, MB-60, MB-60US, MB-70, MB-70US, MB86, and MB-86US systems as well as structures designed for facades. The windows can be casement (MB-SR50N OW), outward opening (MB-59S Casement) or dormer windows (MB-RW). The selection of the appropriate option should be based on the building's design and its specific fire protection requirements.

  • Automation – within the fire protection system, windows are equipped with a mechanism that automatically opens or tilts them when a fire is detected. Implementing such a solution ensures quick removal of smoke and heat from inside the building, which is crucial during evacuation and for the protection of people inside the building. At Aluprof, windows equipped with effective mechanisms from reputable brands are available.

Fire protection doors – safe fire-resistant systems

Smoke-tight doors are designed to restrict the passage of smoke and gases through gaps. They are based on aluminium systems with high thermal and acoustic insulation, such as MB-78EI, MB-86EI or MB-118EI. They are characterised by their durability, high fire resistance class (S200 and Sa), and simplicity of construction and installation. They are available in various variants, differing in the shape of glazing bars, the height of door thresholds, and the thickness of glass.

Choosing smoke-tight and fire-resistant doors is an important step in ensuring safety in the event of a fire. When choosing doors designed to effectively protect against fire, it's worthwhile to consider the key parameters.

  • Fire resistance class – this parameter determines how long the door is able to maintain its properties when exposed to fire and high temperatures. The higher the class, the longer the duration of protection. When choosing a fire protection door, it is recommended to ascertain what level of protection is required for a particular facility.

  • Locking mechanism – smoke-tight doors can be equipped with various locking systems, including electromagnetic locks, electromechanical locks, or electric strikes. The choice depends on individual needs and requirements, as well as the type of fire protection system they are to work with.

  • Testing and certification – it is important to ensure that the doors you choose have been properly tested and certified to comply with fire safety standards. Aluprof doors are solutions that meet the highest requirements in terms of fire protection and smoke-tightness.

Fire partition – effective protection for buildings and properties

Aluprof fire partition systems are solutions that meet the highest requirements in terms of fire protection and functionality. We make sure that they not only fulfil safety functions but also integrate harmoniously into the aesthetics of the building. We offer a variety of design options, fittings, and finishes, making it easy to customise them to individual preferences and architectural styles. For us, safety does not exclude beauty and functionality. Take a look at the full range of effective fire protection solutions from Aluprof now!

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