Customised systems

Customised systems

At Aluprof, we are aware that every building requires different solutions and that its functionality and aesthetics depend on the precise matching of systems. This is why we offer not only standard solutions based on ready-made aluminium profiles, but also the possibility of creating something completely new according to the individual preferences and needs of developers or designers. As a result, we are able to provide modern windows, doors and structural facades that reflect a unique architectural vision.

What are the customised solutions in Aluprof’s product range?

Customised solutions are aimed at architects, designers and developers who are looking for unique and original aluminium and glass constructions tailored to their needs and vision. Aluprof's portfolio presents a wide range of facade systems, as well as window and door systems that can be configured according to individual preferences. Whether the design is intended to be modern, industrial or classic, you can rely on our help and advice. We offer a wide range of solutions to create personalised designs.

Aluminium facades of the future

These are mullion and transom systems enabling the creation of limitless architectural forms, giving buildings a unique and prestigious character. They stand out for their high durability, stability and resistance to weathering (the heat transfer coefficient does not exceed 0.9 W/m2K). You can choose from a variety of glass types, including tempered, frosted or anti-burglary glass (including two- and three-chambered). Aluminium profiles can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette or DEKOR wood-like coatings. Additionally, for the construction of a load-bearing structure, a special overlay system made from various materials, such as wood or steel, can be used. Among Aluprof's aluminium facades, the most advanced constructions are the MB-MT50N, MB-TT50 and MB-SR50N HI+ systems, which meet the standards of energy efficiency and passive construction.  The MB-MT50N mullion and transom facade were designed based on Cradle to Cradle certification guidelines, ensuring compliance with sustainability requirements, while the MB-SR50N HI+ facade has achieved a bronze-level certification.

Modern windows

Our aluminium systems also make it possible to create large-sized windows, ensuring excellent interior lighting and a panoramic view of the surroundings. Modern windows are characterised by high thermal (UW from 0.53 W/m2K) and acoustic insulation. This is the result of the use of innovative materials (such as aerogel, PE, HPVC) and technical solutions, which contribute to reducing energy costs. We offer window systems with heights and widths of up to 3 metres; however, upon the individual request of a customer, we are able to manufacture constructions with significantly larger dimensions.

Customers can also choose from different types of glazing, such as double or triple glazing with insulation, as well as various fittings, including hidden and anti-burglary options. Also noteworthy is the wide range of opening mechanisms: sashes that swing or tilt inwards, or tilt outwards from the bottom or top. Similar to facades, window profiles are available in an almost unlimited RAL colour palette. Flagship constructions in terms of energy efficiency are modern windows based on the MB-79N, MB-86N and MB-104 PASSIVE (SI and AERO) systems, which have been certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

Structural facades

Aluprof also specialises in tailor-made structural facades, i.e., external structures with a smooth and uniform surface with invisible connecting elements. This solution is distinguished by its high aesthetics, as well as the possibility of using different types of glass, including reflective, soundproof, fireproof or anti-burglary glass. The range also includes the modern MB-SR50N EFEKT and MB-SR60N EFEKT facades, providing numerous possibilities for constructing distinctive aluminium and glass facades. By using a system of fixing the glass to the mullions and transoms, it is possible to achieve the effect of a consistent, seamless glass wall divided by thin two-centimetre vertical and horizontal lines. Due to their high thermal insulating power, EFEKT facades enable the construction of energy-efficient buildings following the idea of sustainable development.

Tailor-made modern windows and structural facades

There are many reasons to opt for modern windows and facades. What can you gain by choosing Aluprof's individual solutions?

  • Customised designs – we deliver bespoke products that perfectly match the specific requirements of developers. Our design team works closely with clients to understand their needs and craft a design that fulfils all their expectations.

  • Flexibility and scalability – Aluprof's bespoke solutions allow for design flexibility and scalability. Window and facade systems can be customised to specific dimensions, shapes or technical specifications. This makes it possible to create a modern building (including a passive house) that combines energy efficiency with aesthetic appeal.

  • Top quality and durability – Aluprof products feature the highest quality of both materials and workmanship. We also ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. Our aluminium systems for windows and doors undergo testing and certification by renowned institutions, which ensures their reliability and durability.

Aluprof – your partner in designing any space

If you have a vision of an original and innovative architectural design that mirrors the latest industry trends, we cordially invite you to explore Aluprof's comprehensive range. We are well-prepared to meet the most demanding customer expectations, offering customised solutions that stand out for their excellent thermal insulation, modern design and high design flexibility. Feel free to get in touch with us. Our design team works closely with clients to understand their needs, working together to craft a design that fulfils all their expectations.

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