MB-86 EI Fire-resistant window, door and partition system with ei15, ew30 and ei30 fire ratings


class E 1500 Pa | EN 12208

Thermal insulation UW

from 0,86 | W/(m2K)

Air permeability

class 4 | EN 12207

Fire rating

class EI30 | EN 13501-2:2016-07

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The MB-86 EI is a system of thermally insulated, fire-rated windows, doors and partitions. It is designed to be used for building external fire compartments fitted with operable windows and doors and fixed partitions with a primary fire-rating of EI30, EW30 and EI15, in line with the PN-EN 13501-2 standard. The structure is based on our MB-86N system, meaning that it features high thermal and acoustic insulation, along with excellent water- and airtight parameters.

As such, it combines the advantages of a classic window and door system with the properties of fire compartments in terms of its thermal properties, durability and production technology. The construction not only fulfils all the requirements of the regulations in force and the standards for energy efficiency and environmental protection, but also ensures proper fire safety provision. The system is classified as ‘no fire spread’ (NRO).

The advantages of the MB-86 EI:

  • the profile is a triple-glazed structure, with the central section constituting an insulation area set between thermal breaks of 43 or 42 mm;
  • the system provides fire insulation elements inside the aluminum profiles, and custom-designed accessories and materials which operate in the space between the profiles and the glass;
  • EI2-rated doors do not require the use of fire insulation elements inside the aluminum profiles. As a result, the prefabrication process is faster and constructions costs are lower. Inserts are required in the profiles for frames and transoms
  • a wide range of glass thicknesses can be used, meaning that various kinds of glazing units can be used, including double-glazing units;
  • the standard hardware for our MB-86 EI windows has an RC2 burglary resistant rating.


  • Air infiltration: Class 4, EN 12207 for the window; Class 4, EN 12207 for the door
  • Water penetration: E 1500 Pa for the window; Class E1350 Pa EN 12208
  • Wind load resistance: Class C5 for the window; class C1/B1 for the door, EN 12210
  • Thermal insulation: a Uf from 1.07 W/(m2K) and Uf from 0.86 W/(m2K) for the window*
  • Fire-rating: EI30, EI15 EN 13501-2