MB-SLIDER WINDOW Sliding window system

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MB-Slider Window is used for producing vertically and horizontally sliding windows in internal and external applications which do not require thermal insulation. MB-Slider Window can be used as reception windows in banks, canteens, receptions, etc. Constructions based on the sliding window system can be quickly and easily prefabricated as they no longer need labor-intensive mechanical processing. MB-Slider Window features slender leaf & frame profiles. The structural depth of window profiles is 45 mm for frame and 26 mm for leaves. A great advantage of the vertical sliding window system is that its drives are concealed in the leaf profile. This makes the construction even more aesthetically appealing. MB-Slider Window can further benefit from hardware manufactured by industry recognized companies so that the final appearance and functionality of the products meets the highest standards.


  • system-based windows can slide vertically or horizontally
  • can be used with any window & door system
  • maximum leaf weight in horizontal sliding window: 80 kg
  • maximum active leaf weight in vertical sliding window: 25.5 kg
  • drive concealed in the leaf profile
  • effective water drainage & ventilation system in internal applications
  • hardware by recognized companies
  • two sizes of leaf profile
  • reception windows can be fabricated in MB-45 system frame or as independent constructions - thanks to the system frame
  • glazing options from 4 mm to 10.5 mm