Aluminium corner windows – types of construction

Window joinery not only provides adequate light, it is also a design element of the interior and contributes to the aesthetics of the building. Aluminium corner windows are becoming increasingly popular as a modern solution that fits in with contemporary architecture. Where do they work best and what type of system should you choose: with or without a post?

Aluminium corner window – modern building solutions

The corner window is a design element that adds a note of modernity to any building. To choose the right one, it is worth checking what types are available on the market. There are usually two types of windows in the standard range: those fitted with a special post and those without a post. What are the design differences between the two solutions?

Corner windows with post

The basic type of corner construction is the post corner window. They use a 90-degree connector to provide the joinery with adequate strength and proper rigidity. Although the presence of a post restricts the view, a huge plus in this case is the ability to open the sashes.

Corner window without post

An aluminium corner window without a post, also known as a stepped or glued corner window, is often considered more aesthetically pleasing than a version fitted with a post. Its design requires precise preparation of the glazing inserts and the use of polyamide rope to ensure proper airtightness. Despite the darkened area where the glass joins, this type of window restricts visibility much less than the post variant.

Corner structures – which interiors do they suit?

Corner windows are commonly used in modern buildings, but they also work well in houses decorated in a more traditional or classic style. It is worth considering this solution if you care not only about aesthetics, but also about plenty of natural light. However, it is important to note that corner windows, compared to standard windows, have a higher thermal transmittance due to the geometric thermal bridge.

One of the most common solutions is to place a corner window in the kitchen. A countertop illuminated in this way increases the comfort of the interior and makes cooking easier. In these rooms, it is advisable to choose a window with a post, in an opening version, in order to easily ventilate the interior when necessary, e.g. when cooking.

Corner windows are also ideal for the living room, where access to natural light not only benefits the wellbeing of the occupants, but also increases the usability of the room. A large aluminium window installed in a corner will benefit the design of the interior, especially if there is a view of a beautifully landscaped garden on the other side of the glass or if the house is located in an area offering interesting views of, for example, a forest or mountains.

Is it worth opting for corner windows?

Depending on whether you like an aluminium corner window with or without a post more, it is crucial to tailor these design elements to the individual preferences, aesthetics and room functionality. Is it worth including such an aluminium window in a house design? The final decision should take into account both practical and visual considerations, bearing in mind the optimum light and comfort of the room in which it would be placed.

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