Pivot – modern front door of the house

Dynamic technological development makes the interior designing process continuously evolve. Architects regularly gain access to numerous new, often innovative solutions, which they readily use. Some of them are both aesthetic and practical, a perfect example of which is the modern external entrance door made in the PIVOT system. It is available in the Aluprof offer. Find out for yourself that it is a great alternative to its classic equivalents. If you are interested in this technology, you can find the most important information related to it in this article – check what it is and get to know its major advantages!

What is the PIVOT system used in entrance doors?

It is an innovative technological solution and it is safe to say that it almost revolutionizes the approach to the construction of door opening mechanisms. For hundreds of years, they have been based on various types of hinges, which have been completely eliminated in this case. The modern external entrance door in the PIVOT system rotates around a central axis, which makes it feature both a unique design and extraordinary functionality. It works perfectly well in every type of building, including residential, as it can take the form of the classic semi-rotary or fully rotary.

How is the PIVOT type door constructed?

Just like for all door systems, in this case, the main construction element is also the frame. Our company manufactures it out of aluminium, which makes it relatively light and, at the same time, extremely durable. It carries all the weight of the external entrance door, while constituting the basis for installing a modern opening mechanism.

It is the axis that is the central element of the PIVOT system. When being opened, a door leaf rotates on it instead of swinging back at the edge, like in the case of classic solutions based on hinges. Depending on needs and specific technical conditions, it can be positioned both in the lower and in the upper part of the frame. What matters is that the pivot of this modern external entrance door is specially strengthened, which guarantees stability of the overall structure.

What is more, various accessories are installed in PIVOT systems, which improve the comfort of their operation. These include special shock absorbers – they are responsible for the quiet closing of the door leaf and increase the smoothness of its operation.

Discover the major advantages of the PIVOT entrance door systems!

Although it is a relatively new technological solution, its popularity is rapidly growing. They are increasingly common in homes, as using them is associated with numerous benefits.

The major advantages of the modern PIVOT external entrance door systems include:

  • unique design – the way these door leaves open gives the impression of hovering above the ground, which creates an amazing effect and adds elegance to rooms,
  • huge possibilities in terms of interior design, which results from eliminating the need to install often very bulky frame structures,
  • exceptional functionality – even extremely massive external entrance doors with the modern PIVOT system work smoothly, and no great effort is required to open them,
  • extraordinary durability and stability – using a pivot enables the installation of large leaves of considerable weight without the need to use additional reinforcement,
  • they can be of remarkable size, which makes the door impressive, adding to the prestige of the building.

PIVOT entrance door is a great solution for homes

Thanks to the above advantages, this modern technological solution will find its use in every building, including homes. The high durability and stability of the PIVOT opening system make the choice of a door leaf size and materials to be used for their finishing essentially free. The unique looks of these modern external entrance doors can be successfully used in an interior design project – they will make a great decoration for the room.

Order the PIVOT external entrance door from Aluprof!

As you can see, door systems of this type are a perfect solution both from the point of view of usability and aesthetics. This is why it is worth considering when preparing an interior design project. They add to the charm of rooms, while making an interesting decorative addition to a building’s façade – they will become a showcase of a single-family house or a commercial building, emphasizing its prestige right from the doorstep!

If you have already decided to install the PIVOT external entrance door, contact an Aluprof representative. Our solutions include modern aluminium door systems, including those using this innovative opening mechanism. We have the best structural solutions on the market – get to know them today!

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