Non-standard windows – possibilities of aluminium systems

Window joinery is a key element of modern house designs, giving them a unique character. This applies in particular to non-standard windows, solutions with an original design or large dimensions that allow unique arrangements to be created. In this article, we take a look at the possibilities that aluminium systems offer for the design of customised window systems.

Aluminium windows – discover unusual forms of window joinery

Whether designing a modern building from scratch or revitalising an existing building block, windows are one of the most important design elements. In many cases, therefore, we are faced with the need for unusual solutions where classic dimensions do not quite fit into the existing design.

Can non-standard windows be included in the design? Aluminium comes to the rescue here, as its properties allow window frames to be formed in almost any size to suit the needs of specific door and window openings. Here are some solutions to consider when making this type of investment.

Arched windows – elegance and stability

Arched windows are some of the most decorative forms of aluminium joinery. They blend perfectly with the aesthetics of historic townhouses and stylised buildings. They are also increasingly popular with builders who want to propose unconventional designs. However, glazing of this type requires a special approach, especially with regard to the shape of the frame.

Before deciding on non-standard aluminium windows , such as arched windows, it is worth thinking about their design. The dimensioning, the division of the glazing, the method of opening – all of these are crucial to ensure maximum functionality and operational efficiency. In order to maintain high energy performance and safety standards, it is advisable to choose products that not only use appropriate reinforcement around the perimeter of the frame, but also take care of the necessary insulation systems to ensure the best possible seal.

Aluminium joinery – unusual types and modern technologies

Aluminium windows with unusual dimensions are a category that offers a wide range of design possibilities. Triangles, trapezoids, polygons – modern technologies in window joinery are able to create unconventional forms. However, it is worth remembering that even with non-standard solutions, you can be guaranteed high insulation and noise protection.

With appropriately selected aluminium systems and glazing packages, original designs can be created while maintaining energy efficiency. Good thermal insulation provided by the right choice of materials will enable even the most unusual windows to ensure the energy efficiency of the building and thus significantly reduce operating costs.

Large-scale glazing – light and airy

Large glazings such as spacious panoramic windows or spectacular dormers give a modern character to all the buildings in which they are used. However, the larger the window sizes, the more demanding the systems in which they will be implemented. Resistance to load, wind and mechanical damage are priorities.

When choosing joinery for large-scale glazing, it is worth paying attention to the maximum dimensions of the structure available in a given system, which will ensure safe use for many years.

Non-standard windows in everyday use

Aluminium joinery, especially non-standard joinery, is becoming a key design element in modern buildings. Thanks to aluminium systems and other innovative technologies, it is possible to design windows with interesting shapes that combine elegance, functionality and energy efficiency.

When planning non-standard windows, it is worth choosing from the offer from Aluprof – a manufacturer of aluminium systems that uses modern technologies, offering a wide range of individual solutions adapted to even the most specific design assumptions. Using aluminium gives you the scope to create unique joinery solutions and allows high standards to be achieved in terms of both aesthetics and technological performance.

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