New products from Aluprof for the 2024 season

The work of Aluprof specialists on new products never stops. Last year saw the launch of more than a dozen new products, and the 2024 season promises to be just as busy. See what the new aluminium joinery from Bielsko-Biała has to offer.

 Modern architecture has fallen in love with large glazing, best exemplified by the sizable sliding balcony and terrace doors. This type of solution is a hallmark of many modern homes, which not only defines the body of the building, but also plays an important role in the interior design. ALUPROF engineers are well aware of these trends and have developed the MB-82 HS sliding balcony door. The depth of the sash in this solution is 82 mm, the frame is 186 mm and the narrow post is 50 mm wide. The focus here is on both high aesthetics and minimalism (no cover strips on the frame, low threshold) and high performance (Uw thermal insulation from 0.60 W/(m2K)). The MB-82 HS system is compatible with the company’s other solutions, so architects have full scope here. ALUPROF is also continuing to develop its flagship MB-Skyline Type R panoramic sliding door system, which unveiled a new aesthetic closure, a three-rail frame solution and a static post.

Since we’ve already mentioned minimalism, there will also be several new concealed sash window solutions on offer, including the MB-86N US and an improved version of the MB-79N US. Both systems will get casement versions that open outwards. It is worth mentioning that the MB-86N system will appear in the 2024 season in the EI60 fire version and will feature burglary resistance in the RC2 and RC3 classes.

Saving by shielding

ALUPROF is of course not only about modern aluminium windows, but also about innovative curtain solutions, as evidenced by the new products announced for this season. Many investors have a difficult job when it comes to choosing external covers for their homes. Roller shutters have a number of important advantages, but lose out to screens in terms of the wide range of room shading adjustment. However, the end of such dilemmas has now come. ALUPROF’s 2024 range includes the revolutionary SkyTwin shielding product. This is the first solution on the market that combines an external roller shutter and a screen-type sunshade in a single product. This compact integration has created a high-tech proposal that provides excellent thermal insulation all year round. It is tailor-made for the body and is equipped with two drives that operate independently of each other.

The range of Aluprof pergolas will also expand in 2024. The MB-OpenSky 120 system will no longer be available only as a free-standing version, but also as a wall-mounted version in many variants (including a corner version). The MB-OpenSky 140 pergola is also being improved all the time, where the drainage known from the MB-OpenSky 120 will be adapted and the roof pitch will be increased to improve the rate of water drainage. There will also be the possibility of fitting it with new slats.

New façades

For this season, the leader of the Polish joinery market in the segment of aluminium and roller shutter systems has also prepared many novelties in façade solutions. One of these is the MB-MM50N system, which is a response to the increasingly high demands placed on contemporary curtain walling systems. The high thermal insulation performance enables projects with a focus on high energy efficiency in buildings, while the much larger range of prefabrication and small number of accessory components make on-site installation quick and efficient. Although the system was developed with the Scandinavian markets in mind, it will also work well in other regions. Another novelty is the MB-MT50N post and transom wall system, which was designed based on Cradle to Cradle certification guidelines. Because of this, it meets the requirements of sustainability and fits in with the idea of a circular economy. The MB-79N WW (Window Wall) system, on the other hand, combines the idea of a segmental wall with the solutions of the acclaimed MB-79N window system. A wide range of sections, compensation and expansion joint profiles, segmented development and the possibility of combining it with components known from the MB-79N system makes it a very interesting proposal for those looking for solutions with high thermal insulation. Thanks to the technologies used, it is possible to compensate the ceiling, and the high rainwater tightness and wind load resistance meet the requirements of the US market, among others. A new MB-SE65 element façade, which supports both infill and curtain walling, is also planned for 2024. The Bielsko-Biała-based system provider used the experience gained during the construction of facilities such as Global Office Park in Katowice and Sky Office in Vilnius. The system is distinguished by its multi-variants (corner, bolted, slatted, SSG), high horizontal compensation, easy prefabrication and installation, and very good thermal performance. Another novelty in façade systems will be the introduction of variants with RC2 and RC3 anti-burglary classes to the MB-SR50N family of façades.

Modern doors

Let’s not forget the market expansion of ALUPROF solutions that were presented back in 2023. These include the MB-86 Pivot Door, an offset aluminium door whose maximum size is an impressive 2 m wide and 3.4 m high. Also recently unveiled were the MB-100GFT doors for shopping malls, offices and restaurants, which have been tested for 1 million cycles. They offer a concealed door closer, a secure locking mechanism, a low threshold with overrun, a swing function or limited opening direction and the possibility of creating single or double leaf designs.

There will, of course, be many more innovations, as well as solutions that extend the capabilities of products already on the market. ALUPROF aluminium joinery is constantly being developed to not only meet the expectations of demanding investors and designers, but also to set further trends in the industry. So another year of exciting launches lies ahead, which we will be reporting on regularly in our blog.