• Uw from 0.62 W(m2K)
    Thermal performance: profiles
  • class 4 PN-EN 12207
    Air permeability: windows
  • class E 4800 Pa PN-EN 12208
    Watertightness: windows
  • class C5 PN-EN 12210
    Wind load resistance: windows

The highly efficient MB-86N window and door system makes it possible to satisfy the diverse needs of users. There are two versions of the profiles, the ST and the SI, which are designed to meet different thermal energy efficiency requirements. The system provides superb performance parameters.

Another advantage of the MB-86N is the high durability of the profiles, which make it possible to produce large-scale and heavy structures. Several versions are available. The MB-86US is a window with a concealed vent. The MB-86 Casement provides an outward-opening window with a thermal break. The MB-86B has been developed to meet the requirements of the Belgian market.

A number of features play a role in the functionality and aesthetics of structures built using the MB-86N:

  • the wide range of profiles guarantees the aesthetics and resistance required of the structure;
  • wide thermal breaks in a new shape significantly improve the thermal performance;
  • the two-component, central gasket seals provide excellent insultation for the space between the vent and the frame;
  • the glazing beads come in three variants, Standard, Prestige and Style;
  • the profile shapes are designed to accommodate numerous multi-point locking systems, including concealed hinges;
  • the wide range of glazing means that every type of triple-glazed unit and acoustic or burglar-resistant panes can be used;
  • the drainage system is available in two versions, traditional and concealed;
  • the MB-86 Casement is an outward-opening version of the window;
  • the MB-86US window features a casement which is invisible when viewed from outside;
  • the MB-86B has been awarded technical approval certification (ATG) by the Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (UBAtc);
  • the system can be used to produce class RC1 to RC4 burglar-resistant windows and doors 

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