Research and innovation center

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Research and innovation center

Aluprof owns an independent Research and Innovation Centre. The Centre has implemented and operates in accordance with ISO 17025. The laboratory carries out product testing in the following areas:

The Centre for Research & Innovation also includes the Central and Eastern Europe’s largest test chamber for testing physical characteristics of curtain walls. It is suitable for testing of constructions that are up to 10m high and 10m wide. Our facility carries out testing to American ASTM and AAMA standards, including seismic and thermal tests. Also, we perform testing of fire-rated systems and have a stand for mechanical testing of windows and doors. Our test furnace can accommodate a 4.5 m x 5 m specimens.

Our laboratory has signed an agreement with Poland’s Building Research Institute and Germany’s IFT Rosenheim. This solution is very cost and time effective, eliminates the logistical costs and provides shorter research lead times, as well as enables direct support for customers during research.