MB-MM50N. Our new mullion and transom façade. Harmoniously Blending Simplicity and Scandinavian Soul

The MB-MM50N façade, a new innovation from the engineers at ALUPROF, is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the Scandinavian market. However, its advanced design features are set to benefit architects, fabricators, and installers worldwide. This system stands out as Aluprof's first offering of a straight-cut, bolted façade system, notable for its excellent thermal performance, streamlined manufacturing process, and modular construction capabilities, which facilitate on-site assembly with the use of half-mullions.

Scandinavia is renowned for its minimalist design and functional solutions. The MB-MM50N mullion and transom façade embodies these Scandinavian principles, offering structural and architectural solutions that meet the specific demands of Northern European markets. This curtain wall system is also valued by designers, manufacturers, and installers worldwide. With a profile visible width of 50 mm, the MB-MM50N shares structural similarities with the MB-MT50N, ensuring its components and production processes adhere to sustainable development principles and the circular economy concept.

The MB-MM50N stands as Aluprof's premiere straight-cut, bolted system, noted for its streamlined componentry. It allows for frame crafting using a single profile (where the mullion serves as the transom as well) and employs connectors for segment assembly, doubling as reinforcements. It shares TORX screws, 2-component PET/PE insulators, and gaskets with the MB-MT50N system, reducing the variety of components needed in stock. Profile machining is straightforward, requiring 90-degree cuts without undercuts, and the use of warm XPET insulators ensures accurate bolt placement, facilitating efficient installation. This system supports the prefabrication of entire segments (excluding glass) for on-site assembly with half-mullions.

Architects will find the MB-MM50N façade's Scandinavian essence appealing, as it combines the benefits of traditional mullion and transom façades, allowing for the creation of large sections supporting up to 880 kg. It is also ideal for residential applications in Northern Europe, where façade profile segments often replace fixed window sections. The system is compatible with Adjufix fixing solutions, widely used in Scandinavia, enhancing its functionality. Builders will appreciate the quick on-site assembly, which significantly shortens project timelines. Moreover, the MB-MM50N's superior thermal insulation contributes to lower heating and air-conditioning costs, marking it as a valuable addition to energy-efficient building practices.

Key features of the MB-MM50N system:

  • Frames are crafted using a single profile design
  • Select components offer compatibility with the MB-MT50N system
  • Rapid production of pre-assembled segments
  • Exceptional thermal insulation - Uf starting at 0.62 W/(m²K)
  • Straight-cut, bolted system architecture
  • Aligns with the Adjufix fixing solutions widely utilized in Scandinavian projects