Sustainable development

The ALUPROF commitment to sustainable growth into practice
Sustainable development

What does sustainable development mean to us?

Like every business, ALUPROF is invested in achieving the goals of economic growth. However, this is by no means our only driving purpose. At ALUPROF, we consciously take the sustainable development route, committing ourselves to social and environmental matters. Our activity and positive impact in both spheres are reflected in our work on shaping a culture of corporate social responsibility.



Imagine a city created to serve people.
To nurture their health, their comfort and their personal growth.
Imagine buildings that nurture our planet, emit no gases, produce no waste and leave a carbon footprint of zero.
Imagine a city that is wholly self-sufficient in terms of energy, raw materials and water.
A city born of transparent, ethical principles for running a business and interpersonal relationships. A city that functions in accordance with those rules.

The world of the future. We can create it today.

ALUPROF Let’s build a better future


On 25th September 2015, in New York, one hundred and ninety-three member states of the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 70/1, Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development goals
The UN’s drive to create a better future sets out seventeen goals under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
ALUPROF has joined the initiative and we are working to achieve the goals which apply to us:
  • Sustainable Development
    Decent work and economic growth; to continue growing and creating fair jobs
  • Sustainable Development
    Industry, innovation and infrastructure; innovative organisational procedures and products
  • Sustainable Development
    Responsible consumption and production
  • Sustainable Development
    Sustainable cities and communities; engaging in dialogues to proceed towards this aim
  • Sustainable Development
    Climate action
  • Zrównoważony rozwój
    Quality education; actively nurturing the education of ALUPROF’s staff and partners
  • Sustainable Development
    Good health and well-being; active concern for ALUPROF staff members’ health and quality of life
  • Sustainable Development
    Reduced inequalities; working to combat exclusion
  • Sustainable Development
    Partnerships for the goals