The innovative Rollenband AT roller hinges by Dr. Hahn has been added to the ALUPROF range. The products, which correspond to the high aesthetic requirements of users, manufacturers and architects, ensure a subtle visual melding of hinges and door.

The materials used for the hinges and their resulting durability and strength mean that they can be used for very heavy door leaves which are subject to frequent operation. With their state-of-the-art design, they can be adjusted on the inside, leaving their contour unaltered.

Features of the Dr. Hahn Rollenband AT hinges:

  • quick to install, using screws, with no other parts needed;
  • a high load-bearing capacity, to a maximum leaf weight of 210 kg for four hinges;
  • easy to process. Only the screw holes need machining, not the hinge;
  • adjustable in three directions;
  • compatible with the MB-79N, MB-86 (N) and MB-104 Passive systems.

The hinges are presented in the ALUPROF authorised zone, in the FITTINGS 2. DOORS catalogue, TECHNICAL SECTIONHardware for doors / Dr. Hahn / Roller hinges. Detailed information can be found on the manufacture’s website.