We are delighted to announce that ALUPROF has obtained a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for its MB-Harmony Office system. The system is designed for building internal glass partitions in office spaces. The features which make the product distinctive include high acoustic insulation parameters, the lightness and durability of the structure and the fact that it is easy and convenient to install. The superb acoustic performance, stability and reliability of the MB-HARMONY OFFICE have been confirmed during detailed tests carried out at the research laboratory of the Maritime Advanced Research Centre in Gdansk and at the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

An ETA is a documented assessment of the performance of a construction product conducted in accordance with the European Assessment Document. It is issued for an indefinite period. The ETA enables the company to sell the ALUPROF MB-HARMONY and MB-HARMONY DUO systems for the construction of non-loadbearing partition walls on the European market.

The system is new from ALUPROF this year. It makes it possible to use the most popular laminated glass, namely, VSG 55.1, VSG 55.2, and VSG 55.2 acoustic; VSG 66.1, VSG 66.2 and VSG 66.2 acoustic; ESG 10 and ESG 12 tempered glass. The maximum partition heights are:

  • 3200 mm for VSG 55.1, VSG 55.2, VSG 55.2 acoustic and ESG 10 glass;
  • 3600 mm for VSG 66.1, VSG 66.2, VSG 66.2 acoustic and ESG 12 glass.

The IVb use category allows the walls to be used in buildings with various purposes, including offices, public and administrative buildings. The acoustic insulation of MB-Harmony partitions is Rw 39dB (-1; -3) for VSG 66.2 acoustic glass. For the MB-Harmony DUO Rw, it is 48dB (-2; -6) for 2 x VSG 66.2 acoustic sheets of glass.

The system is both durable and highly stable. At the same time, the structure of the profiles, which are installed directly onto the floor, is exceptionally light. The frame height is only 31 millimetres. The ALUPROF MB-Harmony Office is also distinctive for its intuitive glazing system, which provides state-of-the-art, modular glazing packers, a universal frame suitable for all types of door, tailor-made hardware by leading European manufacturers and a proprietary counterplate for precise hinge placement.

In a new departure for ALUPROF, the glazing gaskets are introduced into the profile before it is installed. In addition, it is invisible once the glass has been fitted. The distinct profile construction avoids the need to use acrylic finishing joints after the partition has been built.