Updated BENOR/ATG certificates for ALUPROF’s fire-rated doors and partitions

The Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (UBAtc) has issued two updated technical approvals (ATGs) for ALUPROF’s MB-78EI fire-rated doors and partitions.

The updated BENOR/ATG approvals not only confirm that the MB-78EI complies with the standards in force on the Belgian market, but also extend the range of possible uses for doors with fire-ratings of EI1, 30 and EI2 60 to encompass new system solutions, including insulated panes of glass. In addition, the catalogue of hardware which can be used in fire-rated structures on the Belgian market has been enlarged.

The ALUPROF MB-78EI is a solution which is readily chosen on numerous markets. It is used for prefabricating doors and partitions, internal and external alike, with a fire-rating ranging from EI 30 to EI 90.

The ATG approvals cover single and double doors, doors integrated with mullion and transom façades, and fixed partitions, as well as a wide range of accessories that can be used with the doors, including hinges, locks and closers, all of which provide yet more freedom in designing fire-rated structures.

We hope that these updated documents will enable you to supply top-end fire-rated structures to even more buildings.