Our range of door hardware available for ALUPROF systems has been extended to include the new WALA WU-1R concealed hinge. This robust, aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing product is an excellent option in situations where the client expects the higher visual standard of door associated with the absence of visible hardware.

The hinge offers other advantages, as well. It is simple to install and it provides a large adjustment range, allowing the leaf to be positioned precisely in relation to the frame, ensuring that the door fulfils its airtightness, watertightness and other performance parameters. It is suitable for inward- and outward-opening doors and can be used with doors on emergency exit routes in line with the classifications set out in the EN 1935:2002 + EN 1935:2002/AC:2003 standard.

Features of the WALA WU-1R hinge: 

  • a high load-bearing capacity, to a maximum vent weight of 180 kg;
  • easy to machine, with one oblong opening in the frame and leaf;
  • regulatable in three directions: +/- 5 mm vertically, +/- 4.5 mm horizontally and +/- 1.75 mm seal pressure;
  • the leaf functionality provides excellent leaf kinematics.

The new hinge is presented in the ALUPROF authorised zone, in our  CATALOGUE FITTINGS 2 - DOORS - TECHNICAL PART, Hardware for doors / WALA / WU-IR hinge section.

Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website