ALUPROF Triumphs in 2023: Sweeping Major Industry and Business Awards, Solidifying Leadership Status

As far as ALUPROF is concerned, 2023 can be considered a good year. The company brought not only a new brand, GLASSPROF, onto the market, but also a number of product innovations, including solutions designed to increase energy efficiency in buildings. Sound business decisions, such as investment in the expansion of production facilities and diversification of the product range, have translated into good financial results for the company and numerous awards, including Construction Brand of the Year 2023 and Fenestration Market Leader 2023.

Industry recognition for ALUPROF

ALUPROF has garnered all the industry’s major awards in 2023. The company topped the Building Brand ranking for the ninth time, taking the titles of Gold Champion of the Year 2023 and Gold Construction Brand of the Year 2023. It was awarded the gold statuette in the Aluminium Window Profiles and Roller Shutter Systems categories. In addition, ALUPROF marketing and PR director, Bożena Ryszka, received the 21st-Century Marketer accolade for her achievements in her work on the company’s brand marketing strategy and its promotion among contractors. ALUPROF came in eighth in the ranking of the hundred largest construction material manufacturers compiled by PwC in collaboration with “Builder Polska” magazine and commercial information service provider Dun & Bradstreet. The editors of “Builder” magazine gave it the title of Construction Company of the Year, while the company’s CEO, Tomasz Grela, has once again been recognised as an Industry Figure.

There has been no lack of recognition for the company’s solutions, either. In the prestigious Patio Door Ranking 2023 organised by broker debesto.com, for instance, the MB-77HS sliding window took first place in the Cheapest HS Aluminium Patio Windows category, second place in the Best Quality/Price Ratio 2023 category and third place in the Highest Quality category. Titles and awards like these confirm that ALUPROF’s products guarantee the highest quality hand in hand with attractive prices.

The crowning achievement was receiving the title of Fenestration Market Leader. The honour was awarded in two market segments, aluminium systems and roller shutter systems, by the Sectoral Analysis Centre and the editorial team of “Forum Branżowe” magazine. Moreover, this was the fifteenth time that the company has received this prestigious accolade!

Notably, ALUPROF’s solutions have triumphed in winning the appreciation not only of market experts, but also of clients, who, not for the first time, have awarded the brand a Gold Consumers’ Quality Leader 2023 badge in the Aluminium Profiles and Systems category. In this competition, which is run by the editorial team of “Strefa Gospodarka”, an independent, national supplement distributed with Poland’s number one economic daily, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, consumer surveys are conducted and the results are then analysed, providing the basis for the selection of the winners.

Business awards confirm the company’s strong position

In addition to all the industry awards, 2023 was a year proliferating in business accolades for ALUPROF. Not for the first time, the company has been named a Forbes Diamond. This title is awarded to Poland’s most dynamically developing companies, in other words, those which have achieved the highest average annual growth in value. Featuring in the 2023 ratings, which were compiled as always by the “Forbes” editorial team and Dun & Bradstreet Poland, is confirmation of the company’s credibility and strong market position.

ALUPROF’s export activities have also received the acknowledgment of experts. During the 8th International Fenestration Forum, the company won the Windoor Foreign Investment Award in recognition of its international successes, including foreign investments, export activities on global markets and the promotion of Poland and the Polish fenestration industry abroad.

ALUPROF is part of Grupa Kęty, which took fourteenth place in the 2022 Most Climate-Aware Companies ranking and was awarded the Silver CSR Leaf in a listing of socially responsible companies compiled by weekly magazine “Polityka”, consultancy company Deloitte and Stowarzyszenie Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu Association. The listing is based on an assessment of companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. The CSR leaf award is a validation of Grupa Kęty’s ESG strategy, including its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation and its products.

ALUPROF’s successes in the sphere of marketing

Any discussion of ALUPROF’s numerous successes in 2023 has to include the company’s achievements in terms of its marketing operations. As mentioned earlier, the title of Marketer of the 21st Century was awarded to the Director of Marketing and PR, Bożena Ryszka. Another point to be appreciated is the fact that, for the sixth consecutive year, the company has taken its place among the top ten of the Construction Materials category in the Top Brand ranking. Prepared by “Press” magazine and PSMM Monitoring & More, the ranking encompasses the most media-savvy brands across fifty sectors in Poland. Taking such a high position confirms that ALUPROF is one of their number.

The company’s promotional work was also appreciated by the jury of the PR Wings competition. Assessing the most effective, creative and innovative communication and PR projects, they awarded a distinction in the Most Engaging Event category to ALUPROF for the Future Builders initiative and the fourth Building of the Year Created with ALUPROF Systems competition which accompanied it.

Ambitious plans for the future

ALUPROF’s position as an industry leader is confirmed not only by the numerous awards the company has received in recent months, but also by its good financial results. As a consequence, the company is able to make ambitious plans for 2024. Carefully considered decisions, sometimes requiring their fair share of courage, have made it possible for ALUPROF to build its competitive edge consistently on domestic and foreign markets alike. One instance of this was the launch of GLASSPROF, a new brand specialising in the production of fire-rated glazing. The increase in production capacity resulting from bringing two more paint shops on line, one vertical and one horizontal, in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, is another example, as is the extension of the facility in Złotów.

Tomasz Grela, President of the ALUPROF S.A. Management Board, expands on the topic: Our desire to maintain our current position as a trend-setting industry leader, particularly during the economic downturn, led us to place even greater emphasis on high product quality and diversification in 2023. We have expanded our portfolio to include products which are designed in line with the latest architectural trends, like the MB-86 Pivot Door with an off-centre pivot, for instance, and which align with sustainable development requirements and the circular economy concept. Our MB-MT50N mullion and transom façade, which was created with the intention of achieving Cradle to Cradle certification, is a case in point. Incidentally, investment in solutions that work with the concepts of circular economy is one of the goals of our ESG strategy for 2021-2025. I’m convinced that our development of our recycling processes, the efficient waste management in all areas of Grupa Kęty's operations and our investment in innovation mean that we’ll be able to maintain our strong position on what is a competitive market, both domestically and internationally.