In order to combat the effects of climate change, it is imperative for the construction industry to join the fight for a ‘better tomorrow’. ALUPROF is continuing its mission to promote the concept of sustainable development and respect for the environment and society. The company’s latest initiative in this sphere is the opening of Future Builders, a platform for dialogue about the future of architecture around the world.

Be part of Future Builders

Future Builders is a project which aims to create a publicly available platform that invites people to engage in substantive discussion on both the future of building on a worldwide scale and of urban planning in the context of sustainable development. It will include a series of online talks, Q&As and interviews with towering figures from the world of architecture. For each of the events, Future Builders will bring together a remarkable audience of young students focused on the sector, experienced architects, designers, construction industry experts and anyone who loves architecture.

Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF, provides some more details: New technologies, the latest research results and major trends are the main topics that our original, international initiative will address. Future Builders means that anyone who’s interested will be able to find knowledge, inspiration and the motivation to broaden their horizons. It’s a platform for our solidarity in acting on our shared responsibility for our planet.

Our first speaker will be Bogdan Zaha

The first Future Builders event will take place on 2nd September 2021 and the highlight will be a conversation with world-famous architect Bogdan Zaha of the iconic Zaha Hadid practice. Currently based in London, his experience encompasses numerous stages of design, with a particular focus on parametric modelling and advanced geometric design methodologies. The projects he has developed alone or together with his team include the Alai Residential Complex (Riviera Maya, Mexico), Beijing Daxing International Airport, the Masaryk Railway Station Central Business District (Prague, Czech Republic), skyscrapers in New York, the Frankfurt business district and Terminal 6 for London’s Heathrow airport. The style of the entire company is focused on creating buildings which feature dynamic volumes and are oriented towards the people who visit them.

The patron of the Future Architects interview series is the Polish Chamber of Architects, which brings together all the representatives of that profession in our country. The events will be promoted extensively in the Polish and international sectoral, business and general media and on the Internet. The media sponsors include some of the most widely read architectural titles in Poland.

Further information can be found on the official Future Architects website, at https://future-builders.com/en/.