Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors

Modern, comprehensive solutions

High-quality door joinery plays an important role in every home. It provides safety, plus thermal and acoustic insulation. It also provides a protective barrier against adverse weather conditions. Aluminium doors manufactured by Aluprof not only meet these requirements, but are also a union of innovation, modern design and uncompromising functionality. They fit in perfectly with the concept of modern construction, where sustainability, energy efficiency and resource consciousness are at the forefront. As a manufacturer of aluminium exterior doors – both solid and glass-panelled – we guarantee professionalism down to the last detail. Take a look at the full range of products on offer!

Aluminium exterior doors – a beautiful and functional entrance to your home

At Aluprof, we have shown over the years that it is possible to choose a durable and aesthetically appealing exterior door without compromising its functionality. We are committed to continuous development and innovation, which is why our products incorporate the latest technologies to enhance ease of use for the user. Aluminium entrance doors are characterised by, among other things,

  • an advanced profile system that makes it possible to produce a wide range of leaves (including glass-panelled ones) with very good thermal and acoustic parameters (with a Ud factor as low as 0.44 W/(m2K)),
  • a wide range of colours and surfaces (including glass panels or veneers that imitate wood, architectural concrete or stone)
  • innovative sealing systems that guarantee optimum thermal and acoustic insulation as well as water resistance (e.g. 7A class panel entrance doors),
  • high-quality fittings (locks, bolts or inserts) that ensure reliable leaf operation and burglary protection,
  • many pane options: matt, reflective, ornamental or anti-burglary.

Our aluminium entrance doors are not only a blend of aesthetics and innovation, but also guarantee safety and ease of use. Thanks to the precise mechanisms, the doors are light and easy to use. They open and close smoothly, and the sturdy aluminium profiles ensure safety and durability. All this makes Aluprof door joinery a sound investment for years to come!

Glass-panelled entrance doors – a sophisticated solution

As an experienced manufacturer, we also offer glass-panelled aluminium terrace doors that can even be used in passive houses. Such solutions are also characterised by very good thermal and acoustic insulation, and much more. Our aluminium and glass-panelled doors meet the highest quality and safety standards, as confirmed by certificates and approvals (including the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt). They are also easy to match to the aesthetics of the building – they can be powder coated in a wide range of RAL or DECOR colours. Here are some examples of our products.

  • The MB-70 system door is a solution where the profile is 70mm deep. It makes it possible to create joinery with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Doors can be glass-panelled with different types of glass.
  • MB-86 panel door with thermal insulation – is an innovative profile system with a 77 mm deep frame, which is characterised by its versatility. It has very high water and air resistance as well as RC2 burglary resistance class.
  • Aluminium doors with the MB-104 Passive system are a solution with the highest possible thermal and acoustic parameters (class 4 thermal transmittance according to the PN-EN 12207:2001 standard). These structures are also compatible with a wide range of glass panelling.

This is, of course, just a selection – the range of aluminium joinery in our assortment is much wider. The most prominent product is the sliding terrace door with a concealed frame, based on the slim MB-SKYLINE profiles. The construction has a modern look and provides a panoramic view of the surroundings around the house. It can be up to 4 metres high, making it possible to create unique architectural designs that combine functionality and aesthetics.

MB-SKYLINE terrace entrance doors are also well thought out in terms of energy efficiency and security. Thanks to appropriate insulation, they keep the warmth inside the building, which translates into lower heating costs. Solutions such as multi-point locks and 3-pane infill provide protection for residents and property.

Order aluminium entrance doors from our partners!

As a leader in the production of aluminium door joinery, we work with suppliers from all over Poland who provide professional advice and assistance in choosing the right products. Find out where you can buy our doors by clicking on the “Local Partners” tab. We also encourage you to use our free configurator, which allows you to customise your exterior entrance door to suit the individual needs and preferences of each customer. The configurator allows you to choose the right model, size, colour and accessories (including top and side glazing) to create a structure that perfectly matches your residential property. Choose a modern and functional solution for your home from Aluprof!

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