Exterior MB-86N Pivot Door

Doors MB-86N Pivot Door Exterior door with an off-centre rotation axis

Maximum leaf dimensions

2,0 x 3,4 m

Thermal performance

UD from 0,73 (W/m2K)


class 3


class 3B

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Exterior MB-86N Pivot Door – excellent protection against external factors

The materials used to make the MB-86N Pivot Door guarantee excellent thermal performance (UD from 0.73 (W/m2K) and noise insulation. Thick, multi-chamber profiles made of the highest grade of aluminium alloys – when combined with advanced gasket and insulating glass units with a thickness of up to 60 mm – form a barrier that effectively protects against heat loss in winter and stops the hot air in the summer.

Depending on the required insulating performance, the door is available in three different variants: ST, SI and SI+. Exterior pivot doors are a guarantee of high air- and water-tightness according to the requirements for class 3B. This way, they protect against adverse weather conditions throughout the year.

MB-86N Pivot Door – exterior doors with an off-centre rotation axis

The most innovative solution of the MB-86N Pivot Door is the pivot mechanism with an off-centre rotation axis, which ensures smooth and silent opening – regardless of the size of the door. Such designs fit in very well with modern architectural styles. Another advantage is the fact that the doors are customisable and can be delivered in any RAL colour. Whether you prefer a cool shade of natural aluminium or a woodgrain texture, the pivot door will certainly stand out against the backdrop of nearby buildings. Dedicated hardware and glazing can be a stylish but functional part of the exterior structure. 

Our exterior MB-86N Pivot Door is the perfect solution for people who appreciate modern design, comfort and security. Choose comfort and security and enjoy a unique entrance to your home!

The MB-86N Pivot Door is an external structure. Its primary features are its impressive dimensions and out-of-the-box design. The off-centre rotation axis endows the door with a unique look, while the concealed hinges provide a very high load capacity. Structures of this kind are popular with architects and are often used for projects where large-scale dimensions and original design play a major part. Pivot doors are recommended whenever there is a requirement to ensure that an entryway is powerfully accentuated and performs as a showpiece element of a building’s façade.

ALUPROF’s MB-86N Pivot Doors are a statement alternative to their classic profiled, sliding or bifold counterparts. The system can be used to create panelled and glazed doors featuring excellent thermal and acoustic performance, along with first-class air- and watertightness, making it possible to meet requirements for energy efficiency and environmental protection. Other unique aspects include a customised locking system offering one- or two-latch options. System characteristics:

  • large-scale leaves measuring up to 2 m wide and 3.4 m high
  • off-centre pivot
  • leaves or glazed insulating units up to 60 mm thick
  • concealed bearing hinges with a load capacity of up to 500 kg
  • three thermal construction variants, the ST, the SI and the SI+
  • locked by means of alternating strips on the leaf and frame
  • the bottom is sealed using a drop seal
  • the low, 20 mm threshold can be fully built in, obtaining a ‘zero threshold’ effect with the possibility of draining water to the outside
  • linear drainage can be installed
  • quick and efficient leaf installation and uninstallation
  • the solution is based on ALUPROF’s MB-86N system profiles
  • the Pivot threshold can be used as a ‘zero threshold’ with the regular MB-86N system door solutions
  • MB-86N Pivot Door A4 EN