International football referee Szymon Marciniak has become an ALUPROF brand ambassador

He will be supporting the company’s marketing activities and its ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’ campaign promoting aluminium solutions for more energy-efficient buildings. International football referee Szymon Marciniak has become a brand ambassador for ALUPROF, a leading supplier of innovative aluminium architectural systems designed for the production of windows, doors, façades and sunshades. Establishing the partnership is part of the company’s broader strategy, which includes further strengthening its presence on foreign markets and spreading the word about the principles of sustainable building and the necessity of concern for the natural environment. One aspect of the promotional activities that Marciniak will be supporting is an international campaign, ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’, which focuses on the issue of energy efficiency in buildings and the benefits it brings to the climate and builders.

One of the key objectives of ALUPROF’s long-term strategy is the promotion of sustainable business and climate protection. In line with its motto, ‘Let’s build a better future’, the company regularly introduces innovative products on to the market. These cutting-edge solutions facilitate significant improvements in the thermal insulation of buildings and, by the same token, reduce the energy consumption required to heat them in the winter and cool them in the summer. As a brand that operates globally and considers the principles of fair play to be crucial to its business operations and environmental protection, the company decided to set up a long-term collaboration with the renowned international football referee. With the help of this new ambassador, ALUPROF aims to reach out even more effectively with its offering to its clients, domestic and foreign, and promote its energy-efficient, all-in-one solutions, which make it possible not only to reduce energy bills considerably, but also to contribute to improving the climate.

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ALUPROF receives a green card from Szymon Marciniak

The global ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’ campaign will be one element of ALUPROF’s collaboration with Szymon Marciniak. The campaign is intended both to encourage builders to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings and to promote ALUPROF’s solutions, which are the path to energy-efficient, aluminium windows, doors, façades and sunshades. The company’s products are certified as energy efficient and based on low-emission aluminium profiles with a high content of recycled material. Their carbon footprint is just 3.3 kg CO2e/k.

The campaign will include television and press adverts, along with Internet and social media activities. As Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF emphasises:

Our ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’ campaign fits in perfectly with ALUPROF’s strategy, since one of its facets is promoting the principles of sustainable building and concern for the natural environment. The campaign is intended to highlight how self-builders will benefit from using aluminium windows, doors and sunshades. One key aspect is the improvement of a building’s energy-efficiency, which translates into financial savings, having a positive impact on the self-builder’s wallet. The other side of the coin is the question of protecting the climate and our planet. Bearing our values in mind, along with the fact that we operate globally, we decided to open up a collaboration with a football referee well-known not only in Poland, but also internationally, in other words, Szymon Marciniak. His experience includes refereeing the 2022 World Cup final and the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League final. As an ambassador for ALUPROF, the international recognition he commands, combined with the principles of fair play he promotes, are a perfect match for our ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’ campaign, where one major element will be a green card and the accompanying slogan, ‘Playing fair with nature’.

Szymon Marciniak himself adds that:

A referee’s job is synonymous with perfection and safety. ALUPROF’s products reflect those same values. They provide security and simultaneously support sustainable development. Collaborating with ALUPROF is definitely a green card as far as I’m concerned! As a football referee, I always emphasise the principles of fair play. ALUPROF’s products are more than just durable, state-of-the-art solutions. They’re also sustainable. They fit right in with the concept of a green future. They play fair with nature. With our shared values, we can all shoot into one goal, building a better future.

As a leader among manufacturers of aluminium architectural systems in Poland, ALUPROF is successfully expanding its presence in other countries and on other continents. The company currently has nine sales companies in Europe and the USA. This international expansion is accompanied by intensive marketing operations. Recent activities include a change of domain to www.aluprof.com and the opening of showrooms in London, Prague and Vietnam. The company is also running a global marketing campaign which has been launched on numerous markets. With a view to reaching clients abroad even more effectively, ALUPROF decided that its latest campaign, ‘Get a grip on climate change, get a grip on costs’ will also be international in scope.