New from Aluprof! the MB-82HS lift and slide door. More comfort and more savings!

What makes the ideal patio door? A manufacturer sees it as simple to fabricate and install. A homeowner thinks of it as providing warmth and never failing. An architect views it as beautiful and minimalist. Can a patio door be all of these in one, though? Yes! The latest creation from ALUPROF’S engineers, the MB-82HS lift and slide door, is exactly that.

ALUPROF’s artistry in constructing superb lift and slide doors is confirmed by the fact that its enduring bestseller, the MB-77HS, still conquers the podium in a multitude of industry ratings. Nonetheless, the time has come to take the design to a new level and blaze a new trail for technological potential! The MB-82HS successfully unites aesthetic values and high thermal insulation, creating a game-changing product, where advanced technological solutions go hand in hand with easy fabrication and installation. 

Open up onto the new

The MB-82HS features a profile depth of 82 millimetres for the leaf and 186 millimetres for the frame. The glazing can range from 18 to 66 millimetres for the leaves and 36 to 65 millimetres for the fixed lights. ALUPROF’s new lift and slide door makes it possible to create structures with an impressive leaf size of 3.24 by 3.3 metres and a maximum weight of 600 kilo, making them the perfect answer to current architectural trends. It can be fitted with a wide selection of hardware and automation and it is available in three thermal options; the ST, the SI and the SI+,

The parameters speak for themselves

When ALUPROF’s engineers were creating the MB-82HS, one of the goals they set themselves was to attain exceptional technical performance parameters. The Uw from 0.6 W/(m2K) and 750 Pa watertightness are proof positive of their mastery and success. Another noteworthy point is the design of the SI+ variant mullion, which eliminates the possibility of surface condensation, even during very low temperatures outside. As a result, the MB-82HS will win the hearts of every developer and builder looking for energy efficiency in the home without compromising on aesthetics. The new solution features slim mullions with no masking strips on the side frames and zero threshold. With its custom-designed profiles, the system is also compatible with other ALUPROF systems, including the MB-79Nthe MB-86N and the MB-104Passive.   

Advantages the MB-82HS provides to manufacturers:

  • a simplified drainage model
  • a straight-cut and bolted frame for easier profile machining, transport and bolting on site
  • glazing of the lights from the outside
  • a compensating profile for easy adjustment and less risk of complaints arising from ceiling deflection

Advantages the MB-82HS provides to architects:

  • state-of-the-art, minimalist design
  • the aesthetic details of zero threshold, slim mullions, with no masking strips on the side frames
  • compatibility with other solutions offered by ALUPROF
  • the potential for use in buildings where high energy is a requirement
  • linear drainage can be installed

Advantages the MB-82HS provides to homeowners:

  • a reliable solution from a leading manufacturer of lift and slide doors
  • high aesthetics
  • performance parameters that stand out on the market and mean a real reduction of running costs for a building
  • uninterrupted views
  • ease of use; the threshold is barrier free and automatics can be used