Okucia rozwierno-uchylne z rodziny Roto NX do okien aluminiowych są już dostępne w ofercie Aluprof. To popularny system, wykorzystywany również w stolarce drewnianej i PCW, dlatego jest dobrze znany producentom i łatwy do zaadoptowania w przypadku ślusarki.

Aluprof now offers the Roto NX tilt and turn fittings, perfect for aluminium, wood, and PVC windows and doors. These fittings are well-known and easily adopted by manufacturers.

The Roto NX line is designed for cost-effective and customized production of windows, patio doors, and balcony doors. For aluminium fenestration, the fittings are compatible with systems featuring a 16 mm groove. This includes various ALUPROF profiles such as MB-45, MB-59S, MB-60, MB-70, MB-79N, MB-86, MB-86N, MB-104, and MB-Slimline, and they work with different thermal variants of these systems.

Roto NX fittings can handle sashes, leaves, and panels weighing up to 130 kg. They also simplify and speed up installation by using some parts designed for PVC and wooden fenestration. The bottom rebate hinge features an integrated bearing bush to reduce friction and enhance durability, while integrated ventilation improves user comfort without extra components. The system is also suitable for patio and balcony doors with a threshold, and future updates will include options for arched and slanted windows.

For more information on Roto NX for aluminium windows and patio and balcony doors, visit the authorized zone at https://strefa.aluprof.com/en