ALUPROF receives an award from international experts in Vienna!

An aluminium system by Polish company ALUPROF SA, a European leader in the sector, has been recognised by international experts. The company’s MB-HARMONY DUO system has received a WFK award in the Innovative Door+Gate category at the Wiener Fenster Kongress/Vienna Window Convention 2022.

This is by no means the first award that ALUPROF products have received this year. The one honoured this time is the MB-HARMONY DUO, a system for building double-glazed, interior partitions. It is designed primarily for office spaces where soundproofing is required and, in particular, where it is essential to ensure the security of conversations. The double-glazing features excellent sound insulation, providing a high level of working comfort, and lends a sense of spaciousness to the interior. Appearance-wise, the DUO echoes the single-glazed partitions of its sister system, the MB-HARMONY, meaning that both solutions can be used in one architectural space, creating an aesthetic cohesion. In addition, the MB-HARMONY OFFICE family, which includes both systems, holds a European Technical Assessment, permitting the products to be sold throughout the EU.

In awarding the system the WFK, the international experts noted that it is simple to install and were also appreciative of the fact that the number of parts, and of tools required to install it, have been kept to a minimum. In their view, the product is of major significance to the sector because it meets the highest standards of quality, design and safety. They described it as a milestone in terms of installation and the design possibilities presented by the glass partitions with integrated doors.

Michał Marcinowski, Head of Product Development at ALUPROF, offers some thoughts on the award and the company’s work:

This is another prestigious award confirming ALUPROF’s strong position on the international marketplace. We’re constantly launching innovative systems for the construction industry. Aluminium fits in perfectly with the current trends in functional green building and makes it possible to achieve contemporary designs. We are absolutely delighted that our product has won recognition at an event as important as the Vienna Window Convention.