New from ALUPROF! The MB-79N outward-opening window system

The ALUPROF range has been extended with another system from the MB-79N family. The latest addition is an outward-opening window, the MB-79N Casement. 

The MB-79N Casement provides:

  • superb kinematics, making it possible to produce very narrow vents with a width starting from 270 mm;
  • maximum vent dimensions of 2700 mm in height and 1400 mm in width, with a weight of up to 180 kg;
  • invisible scissor hinges or traditional pivot hinges can be used;
  • accessories and gaskets which are compatible with other MB-79N systems;
  • water tightness of 1950 Pa;
  • three thermal variants, the E, the ST and the SI.

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