The Future of the Planet, the new AluBook album of trends, is out!

The third AluBook album of trends, The Future of the Planet, is out! This time, ALUPROF looks at the role of the construction industry in combating the climate crisis and building a better future. The album offers plenty of food for thought in the form of unique buildings, cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art solutions and conversations with leading architects and other experts in the field. For the sake of the environment, we urge you to download the e-book.

The idea underlying the AluBook series is threefold; to provide a discussion of current trends, to forecast those which will appear in the future and to present innovations, outstanding projects and the profiles of people who have an impact on the shape of architecture and the construction industry in general. In the third album, this aim is set in the context of the changes awaiting the construction industry if it is to be friendly to people and the environment alike. This encompasses projects which restore industrial buildings to residents and public spaces, the use of materials that reduce carbon footprints and the prestigious environmental certifications awarded to products and entire buildings.

As Tomasz Grela, President of the ALUPROF S.A. Management Board, explains:

– Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. Those figures represent the huge responsibility incumbent on us and they motivate us to even more intensive efforts in searching for new, ecological solutions and developing environmentally friendly technologies so that the construction industry can serve people and nature and make an active contribution to solving climate problems. In our newest AluBook, we present trends and achievements in the sector which are proof positive that it’s possible to combine ecology, economy and aesthetics.

Building in harmony with the environment and trends

ALUPROF’s third album guides the reader through a number of issues, providing a look at contemporary building from a range of perspectives. One of the topics the chapter entitled Let’s Build a Better Future emphasises is the importance of responsibility in the context of planned developments and the solutions used for them, with both aspects being evaluated in terms of environmental certification. It also visits the Czech Republic in order to present the fascinating regeneration of the Gong complex in Ostrava as an example of how a building with a past can be changed to serve people in the future.

Tomasz Grela offers an insight into another part of the book:

– The Nature of Technology chapter shows us that buildings and the environment can form a cohesive composition and that the innovations that have been developed in the sector allow us to make the most of the natural world’s potential without harming nature. That’s certainly the case with one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, the Sara Kulturhus in Sweden, and with the SKYSAWA tower in Warsaw, which boasts a form designed to bring sunlight into the residential buildings surrounding it.

The architecture of Poland’s capital city

The Future of the Planet also focuses on the changes taking place in Warsaw, where modernity merges seamlessly with history. The Warsaw. Modern and Regenerated chapter opens with an interview with ALUPROF’s Architect General, Elżbieta Dziubak. As a member of a family with a tradition of being ‘builders of Warsaw’, she is continuing her grandfather’s mission, which is also why the conversation about the role the capital city plays in Polish architecture is rooted in several contexts. The final chapter turns to the topic of single-family homes. Taking the work of architects such as Przemek Olczyk of Mobius Architects as its examples, it demonstrates that this kind of residential building can be aesthetic, functional and ecological.

The future of the construction industry

The latest AluBook addresses the subject of modern building, which is also inherent to the Future Builders initiative launched by ALUPROF. A virtual platform for architects and town planners, it was set up with the prospects of development in mind. Future Builders is a space for exchanging opinions on the future of cities and towns, the development of their neighbourhoods, the design of new buildings and green zones and the renovation of existing buildings, all of which should work to create environmentally and people-friendly places to live. The guests joining the platform to discuss the future are architects from Poland and abroad who work on the most progressive of international projects. Professionals involved in the construction industry are also featured. Guests to date include Alvaro Siza, Robert Konieczny, Przemo Łukasik and Zbigniew Maćków. The conversations are available on the Future Builders website, at https://future-builders.com/.

ALUPROF is making The Future of the Planet available free of charge in order to share knowledge and promote a responsible approach to building today. Anyone who is interested in architecture, prevailing trends and the most crucial challenges currently facing the sector can download the publication at: https://aluprof.com/us/manufacturers/download/alubook