ALUPROF has extended the MB-Harmony Office system, which features the single-glazed MB-Harmony partition and its double-glazed counterpart, the MB-Harmony DUO. The newest addition to the range is a profile door solution.

The system offers very fast installation, minimal processing and innovative technology which uses custom-designed accessories to further stiffen the leaf.

The newly introduced doors are suitable for use with surface-mounted and concealed hardware. The infill can be made with single-glazed units at a thickness of 5 to 13 mm or double-glazed units from 25 to 35 mm. The structures feature the same glazing method as the fixed partitions and the range includes two types of leaf, at 35 mm and 45 mm, respectively.

ALUPROF’s MB-Harmony Office partitions are mainly used in various kinds of office spaces, including those with higher acoustic requirements. The system has a number of major advantages:

  • the structurally light profiles are only 31 mm high
  • the entire system consists of just a few basic elements
  • the connectors and accessories have been reduced to a minimum
  • it is simple to prefabricate, which can be done on site, and to install
  • it offers the highest possible acoustic parameters in conjunction with a minimal profile size
  • the unique installation panel is built using base profiles
  • acrylic joints by walls are unnecessary
  • it features unique technology which greatly reduces the process time. The fitting of the hardware and accessories has been optimised and requires minimal processing carried out with portable tools
  • the concealed glazing gaskets are inserted before the profiles are installed
  • the straightforward structure of the partitions not only saves assembly and installation time, but also ensures comfort and reliability in use. Both the reliability and stability of the structure have been confirmed by tests
  • the universal frame is suitable for all types of door
  • the profile doors extend the portfolio of the Harmony family, in other words, the MB-Harmony and the MB-Harmony DUO