Updates to the Decoral ADEC series colours

January 2023 sees ALUPROF offering twenty colours from the ADEC series.

The full range can be found in our  ALUPROF COLOUR COLLECTION leaflet and ADEC Colours  book.

The following colours have been withdrawn from the range of decorative coatings produced using DEXCORAL technology: ADEC J107 Fir, ADEC B108 Beech, ADEC D207 Winchester and ADEC S208 Fir.

Those colours will only be produced to order for structures functioning inside a building. In those circumstances, please contact the ALUPROF SA Sales Department.

The decorative coatings in the ADEC series give an attractive finish to aluminium surfaces and offer an appealing alternative for aficionados of wood, lending a look of fine elegance to front door panels.