International football referee Szymon Marciniak has become an ALUPROF brand ambassador

International football referee Szymon Marciniak has officially become a brand ambassador for ALUPROF, a leading supplier of innovative aluminum architectural systems used in windows, doors, façades, and sunshades. This partnership marks a significant step in ALUPROF's strategic efforts to strengthen its global presence and promote sustainable building practices ALUPROF's collaboration with Marciniak aligns with the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of this partnership, Marciniak will support ALUPROF's "Get a Grip on Climate Change, Get a Grip on Costs" campaign, which highlights the benefits of energy-efficient building solutions. This international campaign aims to educate builders and developers about the importance of energy efficiency in construction, emphasizing both environmental benefits and cost savings.

ALUPROF is dedicated to pioneering sustainable business practices and climate protection. Living up to its motto, "Let’s Build a Better Future," the company continuously introduces advanced products that enhance thermal insulation in buildings. These products significantly reduce the energy required for heating in winter and cooling in summer, thereby lowering energy bills and contributing to a healthier planet. The company’s global operations are underpinned by principles of fair play and environmental stewardship, making Marciniak—a referee renowned for his integrity and international reputation—the perfect ambassador. This collaboration will help ALUPROF better communicate its energy-efficient solutions to both domestic and international clients.

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ALUPROF's Green Commitment

The "Get a Grip on Climate Change, Get a Grip on Costs" campaign is a key component of ALUPROF's partnership with Marciniak. The campaign will feature television and press advertisements, as well as extensive online and social media activities. ALUPROF's products, certified as energy efficient, utilize low-emission aluminum profiles made with a high percentage of recycled material, boasting a carbon footprint of just 3.3 kg CO2e/k.

Bożena Ryszka, Chief Communications Officer at ALUPROF, explains, "Our campaign perfectly aligns with ALUPROF's strategy to promote sustainable building and environmental care. We want to highlight the financial savings and energy efficiency that our aluminum windows, doors, and sunshades offer, while also emphasizing our commitment to climate protection. Partnering with Szymon Marciniak, a referee with global recognition and a commitment to fair play, enhances our message of 'Playing Fair with Nature.'"

Szymon Marciniak shares his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "As a referee, precision and safety are paramount. ALUPROF's products embody these values, offering security and supporting sustainable development. Partnering with ALUPROF is like receiving a green card for sustainability. Their durable, state-of-the-art solutions fit perfectly with the concept of a green future and playing fair with nature. Together, we aim to build a better future."

As a leader in the aluminum architectural systems industry in Poland, ALUPROF is expanding its reach globally, with nine sales companies across Europe and the USA. This international growth is supported by vigorous marketing efforts, including a new domain, www.aluprof.com, and the opening of showrooms in London, Prague, and Vietnam. The company's international campaign, "Get a Grip on Climate Change, Get a Grip on Costs," is a testament to its commitment to global sustainability and client engagement.