MB-79N CASEMENT Outward-opening window

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The MB-79N Casement is an outward-opening window system which features a thermal break and is used to create external architectural elements such as various types of windows, lobbies, shop windows and spatial structures providing excellent thermal and acoustic performance, along with first-class air- and watertightness. It meets every requirement for energy efficient and environmental protection.

Three variants of the aluminium profiles are available, with different technical parameters suiting various different needs. The E variant is the basic version, the ST variant offers a two-component central gasket and the SI variant features additional insulating inserts between the thermal breaks. Thanks to the wide range of profiles and their rigidity, the system makes it possible to produce large-scale, heavy structures. It also features superb kinematics, meaning that very small windows can be made as and when required.

Functions and aesthetics

  • the structural depth of the profiles is 70 mm for the frame and 79 mm for the vent. These depths create the effect of a single plane on the inside once the window is closed
  • the profiles are designed for triple glazing, with the central section serving as insulation between thermal breaks that are 36 and 35 mm wide
  • the system makes it possible to achieve a high thermal performance through the use of EPS insulating inserts fitted in the central section of the glazing unit profile.
  • the customised shape of the one- or two-component central gasket, complete with an insulating section, is one of the ways that high airtightness and watertightness parameters and excellent thermal performance are obtained. The glazing gaskets and weatherstrips also contribute to this
  • the permissible dimensions and weight of structures produced using the system are extensive, at up to 1400 x 2700 mm or 2400 x 2500 mm, with a maximum vent weight of 180 kg
  • the excellent kinematics of the window ensure that operable structures with a vent size starting at 270 mm will operate correctly
  • the system also offers solutions for balcony doors with a comfortable, low threshold and for frames used in renovation projects
  • most of the gaskets, such as the glazing gaskets and exterior weatherstrips, are installed continuously, without cutting at the corners. The ends are joined at the middle of the upper crosspiece of the frame. The central window gasket is cut either at a 45° angle and attached at the corners with adhesive or at a 90° angle and similarly attached to the rubber corner. A central gasket in the form of a vulcanised frame is also available. This method of installing the gaskets guarantees excellent air- and watertightness.
  • the thickness of the panes of glass ranges from 1.5 to 54 mm for the window frame and from 10.5 to 63 mm for the window vent. This wide choice means that every commonly available type of single-glazing, double-glazing and acoustic and burglary-resistant glass can be used
  • ‘Euro’-type grooves make it possible to install any available hardware designed for aluminium and plastic outward-opening windows. Profiles without grooves in the frame are used for scissor hinges
  • windows produced using the MB-79N Casement can be fitted with invisible scissor hinges or visible pivot hinges
  • two versions of the profile drainage can be made, concealed or visible, with a decorative cap
  • glazing unit profiles can be powder coated and anodised
  • as with the MB-79N, the profiles are connected with minimal machining, using the aluminium connectors and other accessories provided
  • the technology has been simplified to the maximum in order to keep the production time to a minimum
  • tooling: drilling templates, presses or punches, can be used to carry out most of the machining. All the tooling components for the MB-79N Casement system can be found in our Tooling Department
  • the MB-79N Casement is compatible with other ALUPROF solutions, particularly those from the MB-79N family. This means that a great many of the parts, such as glazing beads, gaskets, hardware and most accessories, can be used interchangeably