MB-86 Casement

MB-86 Casement Outward-opening windows

The MB-86 Casement outward opening window system with a thermal break forms a part of the MB-86 system designed to execute elements of architectural external development, e.g. different types of fixed and outward-opening windows, porch enclosures, shop windows and spatial structures featuring high thermal and sound insulation performance, as well as tightness to water and air infiltration. The system meets all the requirements in respect of energy efficiency and environmental protection. The parameters of windows based on the MB-86 Casement system exceed the most stringent applicable regulations and standards.


  • The constructional depth of window profiles equals: 77 mm (window frame), 86 mm (sash). Such depths of sash and frame profiles give the effect of unbroken surface seen from the inside after closing.
  • The profiles used in the system feature three-chamber construction, the core of which is an insulating chamber placed between thermal spacers 43 and 42 mm wide.
  • The system makes it possible to achieve high thermal insulation thanks to the use of EPS insulating inserts, which are placed in the central chamber of the composite section.
  • High tightness to water penetration and air infiltration, as well as excellent thermal insulation performance have been possible to achieve due to the special shape of 2-component central gasket (with cellular insulating part) as well as glazing and closing gaskets.
  • Most gaskets (e.g. glazing and external closing gaskets) are fitted as continuous stripping, without any corner trimming. The ends of gaskets are joined in mid-length of the top rail of the window frame. The central gasket is trimmed at the angle of 45º and glued in the corners or trimmed at the angle of 90º and glued to a rubber corner. The central gasket is also available in the form of a vulcanised frame. Such manner of gasket fitting guarantees very high tightness to water penetration and air infiltration.
  • Possible glazing ranges: window frame – from 13 mm to 61 mm, window sash – from 22 mm to 70 mm. Such a wide glazing range allows for the installation of all available on the market types of single-chamber, two-chamber, sound proof or burglar-proof glass panels.
  • Application of standard Euro grooves makes it possible to accommodate most hardware types available on the market, intended for aluminium and plastic outward opening windows. Profiles without grooves in the frame are used in the case of scissor hardware.
  • Scissor hardware (not visible) or tradition rotating hinges (visible) may be applied in the windows of this system.
  • Drainage of profiles may be either concealed or may come with a decorative cap.
  • Compound profiles may be subjected to the process of powder coating or anodic oxidation.
  • Profile connections are executed, just as in the case of MB-86, with minimum working with the use of applied corner cleats and supplementary accessories.
  • The technology of fabrication of the construction is simplified as much as possible, hence high time efficiency is achieved in window fabrication
  • Tooling, (drilling templates, presses or blanking dies) may be used for most workings. All elements of the tooling applicable in the MB-86 Casement system are contained in the section “Tooling”. The MB-86 Casement system is compatible with other systems manufactured by Aluprof, especially with the MB-86 system. That is why a great number of elements may be applied in more than one system, e.g. glazing strips, gaskets, hardware and most accessories.

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