MB-SR60 NY Mullion-transom wall system

61 Ninth Avenue

Location: New York
Project: Rafael Vinoly Architects

MB-SR60NY is a mullion and transom curtain wall system designed specifically for the American market. Insulating glass units are mechanically fixed by means of the glazing bars screwed to the supporting structure with screws. This façade is available both in the basic version and in the EI60-rated fire-resistant version. Both versions can be combined without apparent differences in the façade. Constructional solutions of the façade allow to aesthetically combine glazed walls with non-transparent panels finished with metal sheet, and with concrete panels. The system has been successfully tested at National Certified Testing Laboratories.

The 61 Ninth Avenue is the first project to use MB-SR60NY system. The building has 12 floors and a surface area of over 67,800 sq. ft. Constructional solutions used in the structure will provide greater freedom in the arrangement of the building space, and numerous terraces will merge the inside with the outside. MB-SR60NY-based glazed aluminum curtain walls will have a surface area of 43,500 sq. ft., of which over 1/3 will be fire-rated constructions.

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