ALUPROF’s MB-86N and MB-86 aluminium window and door systems now available with an RC4 burglar-resistant rating

ALUPROF, a state-of-the-art manufacturer of aluminium architectural systems and the fastest-growing company in its sector in Central and Eastern Europe, has once again extended its offering, this time with a version of its MB-86N and MB-86 ranges which features RC4 burglar-resistant ratings. The solutions, which are based on a standard aluminium profile system, were already available from the company, but components providing increased burglar-resistance have now been added. Their RC4 classification is confirmed by a report obtained by way of a testing process carried out by Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej (Construction Technology Laboratory) in the southern Polish city of Dąbrowa Górnicza. Further confirmation comes in the form of a report on the double-panel door which was issued following tests conducted by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

Established systems by ALUPROF, now with additional functionalities

ALUPROF’s MB-86N and MB-86 systems are well known on the fenestration market. Both cutting-edge solutions are distinctive not only for their attractive design, but also for their high performance in terms of permeability and thermal insulation. The wide range of profiles underlies the aesthetics and durability of structures produced using the systems, while the excellent insulation parameters result from the use of the latest generation of wide thermal breaks and a two-component central gasket.

Now another major plus has been added to the many advantages of the MB-86N and MB-86, in other words, increased protection against intrusions, as confirmed by the conferral of the RC4 burglar-resistant rating. The profiles of windows and doors made using these systems are reinforced on the outside by flat aluminium bars screwed to the frame profiles and crosspieces. P6 B insulated glazing units are attached to the window profiles as the infill. All this has made it possible for thick, steel-barred grilles to be dispensed with in the new version of the two systems. A high degree of security has been obtained and, at the same time, the aesthetic appeal of the building is maintained.

Security confirmed by independent certification

The heightened burglar-resistance of structures built using ALUPROF’s MB-86N and MB-86 systems has been confirmed by Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej in Dabrowa Górnicza, as mentioned earlier. At the same time, it should be emphasised that the term ‘burglar-resistant’ is widely used with reference to fenestration, even though there is no window or door that can fully withstand contact with a burglar. However, depending on the design and the type of components used to produce them, what can be determined is whether or not they meet the requirements of the relevant European standards. In addition, experts can run tests which enable them to pinpoint the burglar-resistance level of a given window or door and assign the appropriate classification to it.

The tests carried out at Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej confirm that the changes introduced to the MB-86N and MB-86 systems mean that windows and doors built on the basis of those solutions are capable of standing up to an experienced burglar equipped with tools such as a hammer, an axe, a chisel or a cordless drill for ten minutes. As such, the systems meet the criteria for the RC4 burglar-resistant classification and the organisation has issued a certificate to that effect.

The testing process confirmed the RC4-class protection parameters for the following structures based on the ALUPROF MB-86N or MB-86:

  • double-vent, operable and fixed windows with a maximum area of 6.7 m2;
  • single-vent, operable and fixed windows with a maximum area of 3.6 m2;
  • fixed glazing with a maximum area of 4.2 m2;
  • single-panel doors with maximum external dimensions of 1536 x 2640 mm;
  • double-panel doors with maximum external dimensions of 2679 x 2960 mm;
  • structures combining doors and an additional source of light, with maximum external dimensions of 1536 x 2640 mm for the door and maximum dimensions of 4.2 m2 for the additional light source;
  • fixed structures connected by frames and with a maximum area of 4.2 m2;
  • structures combining doors and an additional source of light with maximum external dimensions of 1536 x 2640 mm for the door and maximum dimensions of 6.7 m2 for the additional light source (windows and fixed glazing).