GLASSPROF. A new name on the glass market

In spite of the cooling observed on the construction market in recent months, ALUPROF is certainly not slowing down. Having closed the year with record sales, the company is entering the market with a new brand, GLASSPROF sp. z o.o., which will be responsible for the production of EI30, EI60 and EI90 fire-rated glass, along with other types of glazing, for use in building structures such as windows, doors, partition walls and façades.

Fire-Resistant Systems from Aluprof

The ever-growing standards for the construction industry and the protection of people from the effects of fire and smoke constitute one of the most important expectations faced by modern architects. Fire-rated systems are continually being modernised and their development is grounded in increasing their fire resistance, extending their construction potential, rationalising the relevant technological processes and reducing the labour involved in manufacturing them. The construction of fire partitions and fire doors is most often based on profiles featuring thermal insulation. This is not an essential element that has an impact on fire resistance. However, the use of thermal breaks means that a system of this kind is suitable not only for internal fire partitions, but also for external cladding.

Aluminium and glass partitions have vital role to play in a building’s fire safety. On many occasions, it is these elements which must comply with fire regulations as regards preventing the spread of fire and facilitating the safe evacuation of a building’s users. Meeting those requirements frequently involves the use of fire-resistant glass, which is why ALUPROF is now adding glass by GLASSPROF to its wide range of fire-rated partitions and doors.

A new name on the glass market

GLASSPROF sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of ALUPROF SA, is based in southern Poland, just a few kilometres from the border with the Czech Republic. The company specialises in producing fire-resistant glass and processing architectural glass. Its driving vision is to provide glass solutions which not only improve the safety and comfort of people and property in public buildings, but also give protection against the effects of fire, should it occur. With its use of cutting-edge, fully automated production technology, the new brand offers insulating glass units (IGUs) featuring a number of glass functions, including fire resistance, thermal insulation, sun protection and sound reduction.

The CEO of GLASSPROF, Jacek Cholewa, emphasises that:

We are able to offer the highest quality products thanks our comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology. Our products are manufactured in line with European standards and carry the CE mark. They also undergo rigorous quality control. Being a part of the major brand which ALUPROF is gives us access to its cutting-edge Research and Innovation Centre, where new products are developed and fire-resistant systems are tested. The fire testing furnace can accommodate 4.5 and 5 metre models. Crucially, the laboratory has signed agreements with Poland’s Building Research Institute and notified body Certbud. It’s an extremely convenient solution that eliminates logistical costs and provides shorter lead times for testing. Running tests regularly in our own laboratory means that the range of tested structures featuring GLASSPROF glass is steadily growing. At the same time, the knowledge and experience we gain in this way enable us to expand our range to include comprehensive technical advice on fire-resistant glass and other architectural glass solutions.

Founding GLASSPROF. Part of ALUPROF’s strategy

As the latest addition to the ALUPROF family, the GLASSPROF brand is another stage of the company’s long-term strategy, the objective of which is to increase its competitiveness by providing complementary goods and services that serve to improve the safety and comfort of spaces created for people.

ALUPROF’s representatives point out that the launch of another facility and introduction of a new product range is proof positive of just how high the company’s level of advancement is in terms of not only technology and production, but also of logistics, sales and marketing. As Tomasz Grela, president of the ALUPROF SA Management Board and a member of the Grupa Kęty SA Management Board, explains:

The establishment of GLASSPROF is part of ALUPROF’s strategy of steadily increasing its share of the international markets by diversifying its range and investing in the development of its infrastructure. Our financial stability makes it possible for us to carry out this kind of bold and innovative undertaking. I hope that expanding our range to include the production of fire-resistant glass that we can test and certify in our own laboratory will not only translate into significant increases in sales for the ALUPROF group, but will also facilitate further growth.

Cutting-edge solutions responding to the needs of the market

The range offered by the new brand includes EI30, EI60 and EI90 fire-rated glass, as well as other types of double-and triple glazing units. The products feature various glass functions and can be used for windows, doors, partitions, façades and so forth. They are made using tempered glass, significantly reducing the risk of breakage during transport and installation. This also means that there is no need to cover them with film or protect them from UV radiation with lamination. Neither is there any need to tape the edges of the glass with moisture-proof aluminium tape. The special gel used in GLASSPROF’s products is resistant to radiation and crystalises in the event of fire. The result is a product which provides insulation against fire and safety for a building’s users. Other outstanding features of GLASSPROF’s fire-resistant glass include its neutral colour and high level of transparency, with an Lt of up to 88%, as well as its resistance to radiation, which has been independently tested, and the fact that the glass will not yellow over time. The solutions offered by the new GLASSPROF brand have also been awarded a safety class 1B1 rating, the highest as per the EN 12600 standard. In addition, they guarantee an excellent level of sound insulation, with noise reduction of at least 93%. GLASSPROF’s component panes are made using tempered glass with automatically smoother edges.

More information about the newly established company and what it has to offer can be obtained from ALUPROF’s sales representatives and found at https://glassprof.eu/en.