Vents are an extremely useful tool for installation in every room where we want to ensure an optimal exchange of air. The innovative technology used in the innovative Insolio vent by Brevis means that not only does its surface remain dry even during severe frost, but also that it does not chill rooms excessively, capabilities which have been confirmed in tests carried out by Poland’s Building Research Institute.

One advantageous feature of the vent is the installation method, which involves no interference with the window frame. This has a positive impact in terms of both the construction of the fenestration and reducing the quantity of processing requires. The interchangeable head box makes it possible to modify the device’s functions to suit individual needs. The aluminium structure is extremely robust and its installation can be carried out at the same stage as the window fenestration, using the installation clearance.

ALUPROF offers the Insolio vent in three colours, RAL 9005, RAL 7016 and RAL 9016. The device is available for the MB-79NMB-86MB-86NMB-104Passive, and MB-77HS systems and it can be ordered WITH and WITHOUT anti-smog filtration.

The product has received a National Technical Assessment from Poland’s Building Research Institute and a National Technical Approval from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik.

This video demonstrates how the Insolio vent works: link